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  • 05-13-2019

    Single-Stage Production of Hybrid Parts

    Metal/Plastic Hybrids Made from a Single Tool

    A new process for the production of metal/plastic hybrids reduces set-up and assembly times in production as well as material requirements, and also saves work steps.   more

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  • 05-13-2019

    Strategic Partnership

    ST BlowMoulding Enters in the Field of Industrial Packaging

    The blow molding machine, which will be used by AST Kunststoffverarbeitung in the future, enables the production of 3-layer plastic drums up to 220 liters.   more

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  • 05-10-2019

    Investment in 3D Technology

    Collaboration of Victrex and Bond

    By linking Victrex´s material application with Bond´s 3D processing technology, the common objective is to set the path to produce functional parts which contribute to improve the performance of components.   more

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  • 05-09-2019

    About Efficient Packaging Production

    Engel Packaging Day 2019 in Shanghai

    More than 80 attendees participated at the 2019 Engel Packaging Day in Shanghai,, where two live demonstrations were shown.   more

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  • 05-08-2019

    Combined Forces in the Films Market

    Next Generation Films and Charter NEX Films Are Merging

    Two manufacturer plan to create a common platform focused on the specialty films market. The transaction is expected to close by June.   more

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  • 05-08-2019

    Above the Clouds

    RKW Produces Films for Stratospheric Balloons

    The open, helium-filled balloons carry scientific instruments that, among other things, perform astronomical missions and in-situ measurements in the stratosphere at heights up to 40 km.   more

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  • 05-06-2019

    Dr. Bernd Liepert Gives Opening Keynote

    EMVA Business Conference 2019 in Copenhagen

    President of euRobotics will give insights to the world of robotics and to ongoing projects supported by the European Commission   more

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  • 05-06-2019

    Frequently Asked Questions on Plastic Packaging

    RPC Group Presents a Series of Short Videos

    A series of short videos aim to give a succinct and balanced response to some of the frequently asked questions on plastic packaging.   more

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  • 05-02-2019

    Royal Award for Manufacturer

    Meech International Wins 2019 Queen’s Award

    A British company receives the 2019 Queen’s Award for Enterprise – International Trade for sustained growth in overseas sales   more

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  • 04-30-2019

    Jointly Developed Water-Based Emulsions

    FRX Polymers and Yoo-Point Cooperate

    The emulsions are particularly suited for use in polyurethane (PU) coatings and low-density flexible PU foam.   more

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  • 04-29-2019

    New Association Eurocolor

    Pigments, Fillers and Dyes Industry

    27 companies and six associations from Europe and worldwide set up the new Eurocolour e. V. at its founding meeting.   more

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  • 04-25-2019

    Recovering Polyurethane from Landfills

    Aimplas Is Participating in Foam2Foam

    The objective of the Foam2Foam project is to scale up the process to obtain raw materials through catalytic glycolysis so that the exploitation of non-renewable sources can be avoided.   more

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  • 04-24-2019

    Assistance for Self-Manufacture of PET Bottles

    Agr International Creates a New Division

    The Group offers technical assistance to improve the productivity and efficiency of PET blowing and beverage production lines.   more

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  • 04-23-2019

    Third W&H Blown Film Line in Grand Rapids

    Pregis Invests USD 6 Million

    The latest investment is for a third multilayer Windmoeller & Hoelscher (W&H) blown film line to address growing demands for output.   more

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  • 04-18-2019

    Simulation Is Capturing More and More Details

    Connect! European Moldflow User Meeting 2019

    The tenth Connect! European Moldflow User Meeting demonstrates forward-looking technology with extraordinary solutions from users and institutes   more

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  • 04-17-2019

    GenICam Chair and Vice-Chairs Reelected

    Dr. Fritz Dierks Remains Chairman

    Dr. Fritz Dierks is assisted by the three Vice-Chairmen Rupert Stelz, Stéphane Maurice and Christoph Zierl.   more

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  • 04-16-2019

    Virgin Polystyrene Made of Depolymerized Material

    Ineos Styrolution’s Breakthrough in Chemical Recycling of Polystyrene

    A lab-scale quantity of general purpose polystyrene produced from 100% recycled styrene monomer signals a change in polystyrene production.   more

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  • 04-15-2019

    New Facility for Flexible Packaging

    Huhtamaki Starts Flexible Packaging Manufacturing in Egypt

    The facility is located in the greater Cairo area and is expected to employ approximately 250 employees.   more

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  • 04-15-2019

    Management Change at Arlanxeo

    Donald Chen to Take over from Jorge Nogueira

    The new Chief Executive Officer of Arlanxeo has spent many years of his working life in the Asia-Pacific region, a key growth region for company.   more

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  • 04-11-2019

    Fast Evaluation of the Long-Term Stress Crack Resistance

    A Test Method to Characterize Thermoplastics

    Scientists are intensively researching the usability of the Strain Hardening Test as a method for a fast and cost-effective characterization of the stress crack resistance of thermoplastic plastic components.   more

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141 to 160 from 5,290 News

show 10  | 20 | 50

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