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Leadership in complete solutions for black plastics

Cabot Corporation at Fakuma 2018 show

Cabot Corporation is a leader in black plastics with a complete portfolio of conductive compounds and black masterbatches for color, conductivity, UV protection, high purity requirements, and mechanical reinforcement.

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At FAKUMA 2018 Cabot showcased its expanded capability in conductive formulated solutions, new developments in high color black for injection molding and improved mechanical properties for engineering plastics, as well as their sustainable black masterbatch solutions. Cabot’s vision is to be the most innovative, respected and responsible leader in our markets - delivering performance that makes a difference.


Cabot Switzerland GmbH - 2108

Mühlentalstrasse 36/38
Tel.: +41 52630 3800
Fax: +41 52630 3810

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