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Merken Gemerkt
21.10.2019 Anzeige

HEXPOL TPE – Your specialist for custom made TPEs

SOFT - polymer compounding for more than 50 years

SAFE - products are crucial for us

SUSTAINABLE - not only with the products we make but also in the way we work

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HEXPOL TPE is a global polymer compounding group specialising in Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE). We are a proud part of the HEXPOL family, which has more than 50 sites worldwide.We have more than 50 years’ experience in soft-thermoplastic compounding. Today we offer customised solutions in TPE, soft PVC, cork Biocomposites and colour & additive masterbatch.

With our international sales team and distributors, we partner companies all over the world. We’re highly mobile, delivering solutions in the field and ensuring our customers have access to the knowledge and support they need.
The technical department is at the heart of what we do. Our scientists, application engineers and processing technologists lead the way in polymer research and development. We're always thinking about new ways to do things better and we're building a reputation for being challenging and resourceful. Our teams are constantly developing new polymer combinations that are lighter, more durable, more versatile, more sustainable.

Our products add value, functional performance and soft-touch aesthetics to a growing number of applications in the consumer, medical, automotive, electronics and construction markets. We’ve one of the most comprehensive TPE portfolios in the market, with TPS, TPO, TPU, TPV and bioplastic technologies. With the Dryflex Interior TPE series with low VOC, Dryflex Green biobased TPEs and Dryflex Circular TPEs with recycled content, we offer truly novel materials.



Max-Planck-Straße 3
DE 96215 Lichtenfels
Tel.: 09571 94894-0
Fax: 09571 94894-90

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