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241 bis 260 von 269 Büchern

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  • Konstruieren mit Kunststoffen - Werkzeugentwicklung

    Mold Engineering

    Stepped guidelines are supplied for the design of molds, from product drawing to complete mold assembly. Emphasis is given to the... mehr

  • Kunststoffverarbeitung - Spritzgießen

    Training in Injection Molding

    This text/workbook covers the entire field of injection molding - from materials, to processing, to issues of occupational safety, and to... mehr

  • Kunststoffverarbeitung - Mischen und Compoundieren

    Reactive Polymer Blending

    Major advancement has occurred in preparing useful polymer blends, in most cases using some form of compatibilization. While physical... mehr

  • Kunststoffverarbeitung - Spritzgießen

    How to Make Injection Molds

    Economic success in the plastics processing industry depends on the quality, precision, and reliability of its most common tool: the... mehr

  • Kunststoffverarbeitung - andere Verfahren

    Gas-Assist Injection Molding

    Although gas-assist injection molding has been utilized commercially to produce plastic components for almost 20 years, few guidelines for... mehr

  • Kunststoffverarbeitung - Spritzgießen

    Understanding Injection Mold Design

    Today, most molders, but also many mold makers specialize in certain areas. There are specialists for thin wall molding, screw caps, large... mehr

  • Werkstoffe und Anwendungen - Kunststoffe allgemein

    Polymeric Materials

    The book is intended to reveal the correlation between the chemical structure and the physical characteristics of plastics necessary for... mehr

  • Kunstoffverarbeitung allgemein

    Solid Phase Processing of Polymers

    Solid Phase Processing of Polymers provides a comprehensive up-to-date account of the solid phase processing of polymers with particular... mehr

  • Kunstoffverarbeitung allgemein

    Training in Plastics Technology

    This text- and workbook provides a clearly written, comprehensive introduction to the major topics associated with plastics technology. It... mehr

  • Kunststoffverarbeitung - andere Verfahren

    Processing of Composites

    Composites have been acclaimed to be the "Materials of the Future". Advanced polymer composites, once destined for stealth military... mehr

  • Werkstoffe und Anwendungen - Elastomere und Kautschuk

    Understanding Thermoplastic Elastomers

    One of the outstanding advantages of TPE's can be summarized in a single phrase: They allow rubberlike articles to be produced using the... mehr

  • Grundlagen - Chemie/Physik der Kunststoffe

    Rheology in Plastics Quality Control

    This book combines in one source an introduction to rheology, a discussion of quality management, and a presentation of the statistical... mehr

  • Werkstoffe und Anwendungen - Fasern

    Synthetic Fibers

    This guide to plant design and machinery construction and operation is written by one of the pioneers in the field. It offers a... mehr

  • Kunststoffverarbeitung - andere Verfahren

    Rotational Molding

    A highly versatile process, rotational molding allows for incredible design flexibility with the added benefit of low production costs. One... mehr

  • Werkstoffe und Anwendungen - Elastomere und Kautschuk

    Elastomer Processing

    Chemists and engineers working on further development and optimization of rubber compounds need characteristic values for large numbers of... mehr

  • Kunststoffverarbeitung - Mischen und Compoundieren

    Polymer Mixing

    This book covers the fundamental aspects of polymer mixing as well as modern mixing equipment. It emphasizes the basic mechanisms involved... mehr

  • Werkstoffe und Anwendungen - andere Anwendungen

    Understanding Plastics Packaging Technology

    The manufacture and use of various packaging forms is explained in this book, including films and flexible packaging, thermoformed,... mehr

  • Kunststoffverarbeitung - Spritzgießen

    Understanding Product Design for Injection Molding

    This book offers assistance on selecting the proper material for any product and determining whether injection molding is the process best... mehr

  • Werkstoffe und Anwendungen - Thermoplaste


    In bewährter Darstellung werden die Herstellung des Monomeren Styrol, des Polymeren Polystyrol, seine Eigenschaften, die vielfältigen... mehr

  • Werkstoffe und Anwendungen - Elastomere und Kautschuk

    Rubber Processing

    This book represents the first summary of rubber processing. It discusses the development of the technology and presents the theoretical... mehr

241 bis 260 von 269 Büchern

zeige 10  | 20 | 50
Wörterbuch Kunststofftechnik

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