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News (7)
  • 02-10-2017

    Biofibers Made from Green Lacewing Silk

    High-Grade Rigid Fiber for Lightweight Plastics

    The Fraunhofer IAP and AMSilk GmbH are developing innovative biofibers made from a silk protein of the green lacewing.   more

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  • 12-14-2016

    Nature as a Role Model: Artificial Spider Silk for Textiles

    Bionic High-Performance Fiber Biosteel

    Biosteel is the first natural-based high-performance fiber patterned on spider silk. It is completely biodegradable, anti-microbacterial and extremely tough.   more

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  • 08-30-2016

    Development Assistance for Lightweight Applications

    Standard Mold Units for Forming and Backmolding of Organosheets

    In order to support prospective customers in a way that is fast, easy and inexpensive when it comes to developing thermoplastic lightweight components out of organosheets, a team of specialists in lightweight construction specially developed an extremely flexible standard mold unit.   more

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Products (139)
  • Published on 01-17-2017

    Millad NX 8000E Clarifier

    Yields Glass-Like Optical Properties

    Milliken & Co. introduces Millad NX 8000E clarifier for extrusion blow molded grades of polypropylene.   more

    Milliken Europe BVBA Milliken Chemikal

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  • Published on 01-16-2017

    UG 750W Underwater Pelletizer

    New Die Plate for Increased Wear Protection

    Designed for producing polyolefins and capable of achieving throughputs of 60 to 70 t/h, Coperion's new pelletizer covers the medium capacity range.   more

    Coperion GmbH

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  • Published on 12-14-2016

    Antimicrobial Additives

    Protection against Effects of Microbes

    The latest development of Sanitized is a highly effective product for long-lasting antimicrobial protection for flexible polymer applications.   more

    Sanitized AG

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Journals (609)
  • Organoclay Imparts Scratch Resistance
    Kunststoffe international 2017/01-02, PAGE 49 - 52

    Organoclay Imparts Scratch Resistance

    Modified Clay-Based Additives Improve the Surface Properties of Polyamides, Acrylates and Polycarbonate

    Scratches and marring limit the potential applications of thermoplastics, which is why many processors are searching for approaches to...   more

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  • Thermoplastic Wet Filament Winding
    Kunststoffe international 2017/01-02, PAGE 42 - 44

    Thermoplastic Wet Filament Winding

    Modification of the Wet Winding Process for In-Situ Polymerizing Thermoplastics

    So far, the classic wet winding process has basically been limited to thermosetting resin systems. Now, it has been demonstrated that in...   more

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  • From a Different Angle
    Kunststoffe international 2017/01-02, PAGE 39 - 41

    From a Different Angle

    ORW Technology Enables Multi-Axial Local Reinforcement for RTM Structural Components

    In the manufacturing of RTM structural components, semi-finished textiles can be locally reinforced at different angles using a special...   more

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