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News (14)
  • 06-19-2018

    High-Tech Materials for Perfect Flight

    Latest Developments in Polyurethane Coated Textiles for Official Game Ball

    This year's World Cup Ball Telstar 18 is made of the latest developments in polyurethane coated textiles, which should give it optimal handling, great flight characteristics and excellent water resistance.   more

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  • 05-22-2018

    Fiber-Reinforced Components in Small Batches

    Combined Joining and Forming Process

    The Institute of Plastics Processing at RWTH Aachen University has, as part of a joint BMBF project called "LightFlex", linked up with other project partners to develop an photonic-based production process for increased flexibility and geometrical complexity in prototype and small-series manufacture.   more

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  • 11-16-2017

    Fluffy Sandwich with Strong Features

    Thermoplastic Sandwich Structures Automatically Made

    The research project MAI Sandwich was aimed at developing an entirely automated process that integrates forming, joining of coating and core, plus component functionalization.   more

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Products (183)
  • Published on 08-06-2018

    Light Heavy-Duty Panels

    Panels from Glass Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic Resin

    The chemical supplier Sabic launched a new new heavy- duty panel for the building and construction industry. Made from glass fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin, Stadeck offers advantages across a range of construction applications and building techniques where weight saving is important.   more

    Sabic Europe

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  • Published on 07-31-2018

    Attention High Voltage

    Signal Colors with Low-Halogen Controlled Pigments

    The pigments "warning orange" from Clariant are suitable for coloring high-voltage components, for example in electric and hybrid vehicles. They allow a strong orange tone without noticeable impairment of electrical properties.   more

    Clariant International Ltd.

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  • Published in Kunststoffe international 2018/8

    New EVM Rubber for Hoses and Cable Sheathings

    Levapren PXL With High Tensile Strength From Arlanxeo

    The manufacturer of synthetic elastomers Arlanxeo has launched Levapren PXL, a new ethylene-vinyl acetate rubber (EVM). Thanks to its properties, the material can be used for cable sheathings and floor coverings.   more

    Arlanxeo Holding B.V.

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Journals (665)
  • From Virtual Foam Cell to  Finished Component
    Kunststoffe international 2018/08, PAGE 36 - 38

    From Virtual Foam Cell to Finished Component

    Ultrasim Software Simulates Processing of Polyurethane Systems

    The properties of foams are primarily determined by their reactive processing. New simulation methods with wide-ranging material models are...   more

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    We offer you this article for download free of charge with the kind assistance of BASF SE

  • The Appropriate Frame
    Kunststoffe international 2018/08, PAGE 28 - 31

    The Appropriate Frame

    Options for Overmolding of Car Glass Windows on Vertical Machines

    The assembly by injection molding is not limited to plastic components among each other, also non-plastic components, such as wood, metal...   more

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  • Printing the Future of Particle-Foam Processing
    Kunststoffe international 2018/08, PAGE 32 - 35

    Printing the Future of Particle-Foam Processing

    Lighter, Faster, More Efficient – Additive Manufacturing Opens up a New Dimension in Mold Making

    Three partners cooperating on a research project have developed a new mold concept for particle-foam processing that yields a 95 % weight...   more

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