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Terms & Conditions for Registered Users

Scope, Amendments to the Conditions of Use

Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH & Co.KG (referred to hereinafter as “Hanser”), Kolbergerstr. 22, 81679 Munich, represented by Carl Hanser Verlagsleitungges.mbH, represented in turn by its Managing Directors Wolfgang Beisler, Stephan D. Joß and Jo Lendle, offers an online service at, for which users must register, and which enables users to manage their own personal space and to download white papers. This service is offered subject to the following Conditions of Use.

Hanser reserves the right to amend the Conditions of Use subject to reasonable notice. Users will be notified of amendments by e-mail or when they log in. Users will be deemed to have agreed to amendments if they do not oppose them within four weeks.


Users undertake only to provide genuine details when registering and to update these when necessary. Users may update their own entries in their user account. If a user’s e-mail address is no longer valid, the Contract of Use will lapse and the user in question will no longer be able to access his personal space.

Subject of the Service

Users are aware that content displaying a different company name or logo originates from the company in question and not from Hanser, and that Hanser is simply providing a link to such content. The same applies to contributions that clearly originate from another user. Hanser accepts no liability for such content. If users believe their rights have been infringed by such content, they may notify Hanser at kunststoffe <AT> . If a suspected infringement of rights appears well founded, Hanser will block the content and seek the comments of the originator. Users must not abuse this right.

Rights of Use

Users may use the provided services only for their own information purposes. To this end, they may download the information made available to them to their computer on a single occasion, if Hanser offers a “Save” option. No additional copying, distribution or use of the white papers is permitted. Specifically, users are not permitted to pass on the content to third parties or to use it for personal purposes other than information, e.g. in a proposal of their own. In addition, users may not edit, amend or translate the content offered, or remove copyright information for example. Hanser and the respective originator shall retain all rights.

Users undertake to respect the rights of third parties, including those of Hanser. Specifically, users may not:

  • use the offered white papers for advertising purposes without consulting the publishing house;
  • send or upload data, the nature, configuration, size or volume of which is capable of damaging or blocking operation of the Hanser data centre or data network or computers of other third parties, or of spying on or damaging data stored therein (e.g. through the use of viruses, trojans, spam e-mails);
  • undertake acts or disseminate items of content which breach the rights of third parties (e.g. copyright, trade mark rights, privacy rights) in conjunction with the use of, or which are in breach of valid statutory provisions, in particular valid criminal laws, youth protection provisions or competition law. Specifically, users are prohibited from disseminating content that is of a racist nature, glorifies violence, is offensive, brings disrepute or is obscene. “Disseminating” shall also include the provision of links to such content; or the blocking/deletion of content.

Indemnification by the User

Should Hanser be informed by a third party that certain content infringes the rights of third parties or is otherwise illegal, it shall be entitled to block the content in question. If that content has been uploaded by a user, Hanser will immediately notify the user about the block and give him/her the opportunity to refute the allegations.

Should a claim be made against Hanser by a third party, a court or an authority, on the ground of culpable behaviour by a user, in particular on the ground of a culpable infringement of the obligations listed under 4., the user in this case undertakes to indemnify Hanser against any claims and to bear the legal costs of defending such a claim. Hanser will inform users immediately of the assertion of such claims. Users shall support Hanser in the defence of such claims to the best of their ability. Where users fail to meet this obligation within a reasonable period to be set by Hanser, then Hanser shall be entitled to clarify the accusations of the third party in question, using its reasonable discretion, with consideration to the material and legal situation as it relates to Hanser, and to seek to reach a settlement. The user in question shall bear the costs of settlement of the legal dispute, even in the event that the matter should prove to be prejudicial on the basis of information that was not provided by him.

Data Protection

Please find our Privacy Policy here.

Governing Law

This contract shall be governed by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.