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Trade names - Online

The following database contains selections from the International Plastics Handbook.

The database is maintained with the cooperation of M-Base Engineering + Software GmbH.

Current issue: 02-24-2016

Trade name - Search alphabetically


116 hits for G:

Gripthan (Acla-Werke GmbH)
Garaflex G (AlphaGary Corporation)
Garaflex E (AlphaGary Corporation)
Garathane (AlphaGary Corporation)
Garaflex O (AlphaGary Corporation)
Garaflex (AlphaGary Corporation)
Goldglas (Altuglas International)
Griphen (Arla Plast AB)
Glaskyd (Cytec Industries Inc.)
Grilamid (EMS-CHEMIE)
Grilpet (EMS-CHEMIE)
Griltex (EMS-CHEMIE)
Grivory (EMS-CHEMIE)
Grilflex (EMS-CHEMIE)
Geolast (ExxonMobil Chemical Company)
Gapex (Ferro Corporation)
Greenplay (Franplast S.r.l.)
Gelon (SABIC Innovative Plastics)
Geloy (SABIC Innovative Plastics)
Gepax (SABIC Innovative Plastics)
Gesan (SABIC Innovative Plastics)
Getec (SABIC Innovative Plastics)
Gealan (Gealan Fenster-Systeme GmbH)
G-PAEK (Gharda Plastics Limited)
Gazole (Gharda Plastics Limited)
Gapekk (Gharda Plastics Limited)
Gadel (Gharda Plastics Limited)
G-Coat (Gharda Plastics Limited)
Goldadur (GKG Goldmann Kunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG)
Goldaform (GKG Goldmann Kunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG)
Goldalon (GKG Goldmann Kunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG)
Goldamid (GKG Goldmann Kunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG)
Goldaprop (GKG Goldmann Kunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG)
Godifin (Godiplast Kunststoff-Rohstoffe GmbH)
Godiflex (Godiplast Kunststoff-Rohstoffe GmbH)
Godigum (Godiplast Kunststoff-Rohstoffe GmbH)
Godiplast (Godiplast Kunststoff-Rohstoffe GmbH)
Godiprene (Godiplast Kunststoff-Rohstoffe GmbH)
Gremoxid (Gremolith AG)
Gremodur (Gremolith AG)
Gremopal (Gremolith AG)
Gremothan (Gremolith AG)
Gerodur (Haka Gerodur AG)
Gerofit (Haka Gerodur AG)
Gemlac (Kaneka Corp.)
Genotherm (Klöckner Pentaplast GmbH & Co. KG)
Genotherm Kobra (Klöckner Pentaplast GmbH & Co. KG)
Germadur (Kukoha Kunststoff-Kontor-Hamburg GmbH)
Germamid (Kukoha Kunststoff-Kontor-Hamburg GmbH)
Germaform (Kukoha Kunststoff-Kontor-Hamburg GmbH)
Genestar (Kuraray)
Gohsenol (Nippon Gohsei)
Gohsenyl (Nippon Gohsei)
Gohsefimer (Nippon Gohsei)
Gohsenal (Nippon Gohsei)
Gohseran (Nippon Gohsei)
Gohsesize (Nippon Gohsei)
Guardian (Elantas GmbH)
Gammaflex (PTS Plastic Technologie Service Marketing- & Vertriebs-GmbH)
Greenflex (Versalis S.p.A.)
Geon (PolyOne)
Gravi-Tech (PolyOne)
GMTex (Quadrant Plastic Composites AG)
Geofix (Schaum-Chemie Wilhelm Bauer GmbH & Co. KG)
Globalene (LCY Chemical Corp.)
Globalprene (LCY Chemical Corp.)
GUR (Celanese)
Geniomer (Wacker Chemie AG)
Genioperl (Wacker Chemie AG)
Getilan (Crosspolimeri S.p.A.)
Giblend (Gichem srl)
Gilac (Gichem srl)
Gilon (Gichem srl)
Gimid (Gichem srl)
Giplene (Gichem srl)
Giprene (Gichem srl)
Greengran (GreenGran B.V.)
Globio (FKuR Kunststoff GmbH)
Geolite (Momentive Performance Materials Inc.)
Gebaron (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebacon (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebablend (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebablend A (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebablend J (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebabs (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebadur (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebadur A (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebafluor (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebaform (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebalon (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebamid (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebamid A (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebamid B (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebamid T (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebaplast (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebaplex (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebaran (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebaryl (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebasan (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebason (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebason HP (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebason S (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebason U (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebatech E (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebatech L (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebatech U (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebatrell (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Gebatron (geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH)
Grodnamid (Grodno Khimvolokno)
Guron (Wilhelm Köpp Zellkautschuk GmbH & Co. KG)
Gore-tex (W.L. Gore & Associates GmbH)
Gabotherm (Gabotherm GmbH)
Gaialene (Roquette)
Globio (Toyota Tsusho Corporation)
Genpoly (Lotte Chemical Corporation)

© 2005-2016 Carl Hanser Verlag München Wien

The appearance of common names, trade names, product descriptions etc. at is not intended to imply that such names are no longer protected by the law on trade marks and trade names, and may be used freely by anyone.

All information has been researched to the best of our knowledge. Nevertheless, mistakes cannot be excluded entirely. For this reason, the present information is not associated with any obligation or guarantee whatsoever. The authors and publisher thus assume no responsibility or liability of any kind arising from the use of this information. Likewise, there is no guarantee of completeness with regard to the listed products, processes, trade names and institutions.

This listing is protected by copyright laws.

All rights with respect to translation, reprinting and reproduction of the book or sections thereof are reserved. Without express written approval of the publisher, no part of the listing may be reproduced in any form (photocopy, microfilm or other method), not even for use in lectures, or processed, duplicated, or distributed by use of electronic means.

International Plastics Handbook

Find detailed information on material properties, machines, processing, and applications compiled in a compact and well organized format.

International Plastics Handbook

Glossary plastics technology

Nearly 2000 technical terms in seven languages to help you communicate with your business partners.

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