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  • 04-03-2006

    Extrusion with Ceramic Screws

    Metal screws are used almost exclusively in the plastics industry when melting plastics. As part of a research project, ceramic screws have now been developed to the stage where they are suitable for use in production.   more

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  • 03-22-2006

    Photosensitive Plastics with a Memory

    Plastics with a memory recover their original shape under certain circumstances. To date, the memory effect was usually triggered by a change in temperature. Now, it is possible to restore the original shape with the aid of UV light.   more

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  • 03-06-2006

    Clean From the Outset

    Thanks to a new production line, the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry regarding POM can be met successfully. Impurities in raw materials and product are eliminated; a computer-aided quality management system assures complete documentation.   more

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  • 02-20-2006

    Lower Energy Costs During Injection Moulding

    A newly developed accessory compensates for the reactive power (power factor correction), thus reducing power consumption during injection moulding. The processor can reduce the costs for electricity and decrease the load on the grid while contributing to environmental protection.   more

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  • 02-06-2006

    Clean PET Flakes Through Use of Filtration

    The quality of recycled PET flakes improves considerably when the hot wash solution is filtered. A new process can be adapted to various system concepts.   more

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  • 01-23-2006

    Energy-Efficient Underwater Pelletizing

    Thermally insulated die plates improve the energy balance during underwater pelletizing. The melt is maintained at temperature in the region of the die plate and cools only when it encounters the process water.   more

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  • 01-09-2006

    Mould Base System Saves Time and Money

    Using a newly developed modular mould base system, injection moulds can be produced economically and quickly. This greatly facilitates production of smaller quantities.   more

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  • 12-19-2005

    Low-Cost Composite Profiles in Small Quantities

    At the Institute for Design and Composite Structures (Institut für Konstruktion und Verbundbauweisen e.V.), Chemnitz, a new method for producing glass fibre-reinforced composite profiles has been developed. The laminate makeup and wall thickness can be matched to the load regime of the supporting structure.   more

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  • 12-05-2005

    Thermoforming of Auto Body Components

    Fibre-reinforced composite materials are creating competition for their steel counterparts. A research project is currently being conducted to determine whether such parts are suitable from an economic standpoint for moderate-sized production runs in the automotive industry.   more

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  • 11-28-2005

    Interruption-free Cooling

    A new type of filter system for chilled water circuits combines the benefits of primary circuit filtration and side-stream (or by-pass) filtration. The filter does not create any pressure fluctuations and can be cleaned without shutting interrupting operation.   more

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  • 11-07-2005

    Integral Foam Structure Increases Strength

    Investigations indicate that the mechanical properties of foamed moulded parts are determined largely by the compactness and thickness of the skin zone. Fine-celled foamed parts with a compact skin zone thus exhibit better mechanical characteristics than homogeneous microcellular foamed products.   more

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  • 10-24-2005

    Special Coating Assures Better Viewing

    Scratches on plastic displays make them more difficult to read. Reflections from the surface also disturb viewing. Using the so-called PICVD technique, special multi-layer coatings can be applied to plastic surfaces. The pulsed plasma produces scratch-resistant, low-reflecting surfaces in a single step.   more

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  • 10-10-2005

    Direct Extrusion of Wood Fibreboard

    For direct extrusion of wood fibres with PP, the individual components are metered directly into the feed throat of the extruder. The resulting fibreboard has a width of 1200 mm and can be processed like wood.   more

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  • 09-26-2005

    Ejecting Miniature Parts via Ultrasonics

    Instead of being ejected mechanically, moulded parts can also be ejected from the mould through use of ultrasonics. This approach leaves no marks on the plastic surface – an important benefit when producing microinjection moulded parts.   more

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  • 09-12-2005

    High-Strength PEEK Coatings

    Components made of metal, glass or ceramics can be coated using a finely powdered form of the high-performance plastic PEEK. The coatings can be applied electrostatically or via aqueous dispersions.   more

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  • 08-29-2005

    Melt Filtration at Constant Pressure

    Filter elements can be cleaned very effectively and with little pressure variation in a newly developed piston-type screen changer. The time during which the backflushed material is removed is relatively long. As a result, the pressure variations in the process are kept within a very narrow range.   more

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  • 08-15-2005

    Perfect PUR Mixing

    Mixing heads with proportional valve technology automatically match the metering gap at the outlet from the mixing chamber to varying flow rates during production. This contributes to improved quality and reproducibility when manufacturing flexible PUR foam products with different hardness zones.   more

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  • 08-01-2005

    Flexible Displays Almost Production-Ready

    Displays based on purely organic materials are flexible, extremely light and practically unbreakable. Mass production of the paper-like displays will probably start soon.   more

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  • 07-18-2005

    Extrusion in a Magnetic Field

    The viscosity of ferromagnetically filled thermoplastics can be increased by applying a magnetic field to the extrusion die. The cooler the melt, the stronger is the effect of the magnetic field.   more

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  • 07-04-2005

    Thermoforming of Large PA Parts

    Semi-finished glass fibre-reinforce PA 6 goods can be thermoformed into large parts. The production method represents an inexpensive alternative to injection moulding – especially for smaller production quantities.   more

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  • 06-20-2005

    PET Recycling without Caustic Soda

    In place of caustic soda, a biodegradable cleaning agent can be employed to remove labels, glue and other contaminants from PET bottle material. This process saves energy, protects the environment and yields high-quality reclaimed material.   more

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  • 06-06-2005

    Temperature Control with Bundled Tube Heat Exchangers

    A newly developed bulk material heat exchanger expands the selection of temperature control methods employed to date for plastic pellets and powders. The bundled tube system represents a space- and money-saving alternative and achieves high heat transfer rates.   more

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  • 05-23-2005

    Flexible Miniature Compounder

    A new 16 mm twin-screw extruder permits optimisation of processing parameters even when only small quantities of material are available, production of test specimens or performance of quality control inspections. The system can be matched to the task at hand with only a few modifications.   more

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  • 05-02-2005

    Emission-Free Marking of Color Films

    It is increasingly common to place identification labels on parts during assembly. A multi-layer film with a laser-activated inner layer offers many benefits in this regard.   more

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  • 04-18-2005

    Series Production with Laser Sintering

    Advanced processes and materials now make it possbile to produce plastic parts in series quickly and economically via laser sintering. This tooling-free manufacturing method minimises the risks associated with investment of capital and presents new design freedom.   more

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  • 04-04-2005

    Cube Moulding in a Clean Room

    Wilden AG employs cube moulding for production of the “HandiHaler“ inhaler. The moulds are especially well-suited for high-speed, economical production of large quantities.   more

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  • 03-21-2005

    Computer Tomography of Plastic Parts

    The technique of computer tomography that has become commonplace in the field of medicine can also be employed for analysis of plastic parts. In this way, the first parts out of a mould can be examined in a nondestructive manner.   more

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  • 03-07-2005

    Higher Throughputs in Compounding

    With the new XX Series of twin-screw extruders, Leistritz intends to increase productivity in compounding. Higher throughputs, shorter changeover times and greater flexiblity of the compounding system will form the basis for this.   more

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  • 02-23-2005

    More Complex Parisons Through Use of Flexring Dies

    Flexring dies for extrusion blow moulding make it possible to change the die gap at any location on the circumference of the die. As a result, production of more complex parts now becomes feasible. In addition, application of dynamic wall thickness control can be extended to small die geometries.   more

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  • 02-07-2005

    Plasticizing with Extremely Short Extruders

    The so-called high-intensity plasticizer, which is characterised by its extremely short length, represents an inexpensive concept for processing thermoplastic resins. The feed, compression and metering (discharge) zones are arranged coaxially; the resin is plasticized solely by means of friction. Initial investigations show good results when processing a variety of semi-crystalline and amorphous thermoplastics.   more

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  • 01-24-2005

    Gas-Assist and Blow Moulding Combined in an Injection Mould

    A new processing technique combines gas-assisted injection moulding with blow moulding. The technique permits moulding of complex plastic parts that integrate a void or channel with a large cross section and thin walls.   more

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  • 01-10-2005

    Color Management over the Internet

    In the area of color measurement, Internet-based color management systems are being employed increasingly in place of individual solutions. This new approach offers decisive benefits for large companies with worldwide operations as well as for small and medium-sized companies.   more

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401 to 432 from 432 News

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