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  • 03-16-2007

    Welded Securely All Round

    Laser welding is well-suited for manufacturing pump housings that must satisfy demanding requirements and withstand extreme thermal loads.   more

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  • 02-26-2007

    Thermoplastic Body Side Panels Provide Weight Savings

    The BMW 3 Series Coupé and Cabrio recently introduced to the market feature a thermoplastic body side panel moulded from a specially developed (PA+ABS) blend. The body side panel can withstand online painting at temperatures of almost 200°C.   more

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  • 02-16-2007

    Three- Dimensional Cell Cultures

    Culture dishes that feature open-pore three-dimensional structures offer better condition for growing cell cultures. Such test systems react to pharmaceutical agents in a manner similar to natural tissue   more

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  • 01-30-2007

    Corona Treatment of Parts with Any Thickness

    The linear plasma process, a new variant of corona treatment, is well suited for use with materials of any thickness. The surface of flat plastic sheet, ribbed sheet, polymer foams and composites can be modified using this process in order to obtain reliable bonding of adhesives, ink, paint and other coatings.   more

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  • 01-17-2007

    Ceramic Seals for Hot Runner Nozzles

    For the first time, it is now possible to equip hot runner nozzles with gate seals made of high-strength, thermally insulating high-performance ceramic. The reduced heat transfer from the hot runner system to the mould translates into short cooling and cycle times.   more

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  • 12-14-2006

    Reinforcing Press Fits

    Press fits between plastic parts and metal shaft are considerably more effective if the metal surface is modified in an appropriate manner. In extensive trials, chequered knurling has been found to be very well-suited as an aid to a positive connection.   more

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  • 11-30-2006

    Direct Feeding of Calcium Carbonate During PVC Extrusion

    Usually, PVC and additives are combined in a hot/cold mixer to form a dry blend and then conveyed pneumatically to silos for intermediate storage. However, at higher loading levels, segregation of the calcium carbonate may result. This can be prevented by adding the calcium carbonate to the dry blend with the aid of a cold mixer immediately prior to entry into the extruder.   more

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  • 11-03-2006

    Mould Base Concept for Hot-Runner Moulds

    A new mould base concept saves costs, shortens project turn-around times in the mould making shop and reduces set-up times in production.   more

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  • 10-16-2006

    Transparency at High Temperatures

    Transparent polyamides open up new fields of application in medicine and security. Thanks to a special monomer structure, they attain the heat deflection temperatures of high-performance resins.   more

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  • 10-02-2006

    Laser Welding with an Intermediate Film

    The newly developed technique of laser welding with an intermediate film can bond incompatible thermoplastics that could not be bonded previously. Using this variant of laser transmission welding, it has been possible for the first time to weld PA12 parts to components of PBT, PP and PE.   more

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  • 09-18-2006

    Laser Welding of Fabric

    Laser welding of fabric made from synthetic fibres results in flexible, high-strength bonds. For production of airbags, for instance, the technique achieves high processing speeds and lends itself to automation. Airbags are installed in the seats and roofs of automobiles as supplemental restraint systems for increased occupant safety. They offer protection in the event of side-impact collisions or rollovers. However, in case of a rollover in particular, the airbags must remain inflated for ten seconds in order to provide meaningful protection. This can be assured only if the seams are airtight.   more

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  • 09-08-2006

    Better Adhesion Through Plasma Treatment

    When producing complex components, different materials are combined with one another. With the aid of plasma pretreatment, the individual components can be cleaned and activated. This assures not only a good bond, but also make the otherwise necessary assembly steps unnecessary.   more

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  • 08-28-2006

    Screw Coating for Optical Applications

    The CrAlON anti-adhesive PVD coating system reduces adhesion of melt to the surface of a screw considerably. This contributes to a reduction in the number of defective parts, above all, for optical applications.   more

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  • 07-31-2006

    Functional Integration with Air Ducts

    Clips, straps and cable feed-throughs are usually welded on to air ducts in automobile engine compartments. Two new process variations eliminate the welding step and thus help to reduce manufacturing costs.   more

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  • 07-10-2006

    Instrument Panels in One Operation

    To date, sandwich components in the automotive industry have been produced in a multi-step process. A new manufacturing method combines injection moulding and foaming into a single-step process.   more

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  • 06-26-2006

    Cooling Process Determines the Quality

    Sheet and film can be cooled on a conventional polishing stack, in a water bath and through use of a calendering belt. Comparison of these three approaches shows that sheet and film produced using the calendering belt technique or the water bath approach exhibit mechanical characteristics that are favourable for thermoforming.   more

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  • 06-12-2006

    Thermochromic Pigmenting

    Newly developed thermochromic pigments can be incorporated directly into commercially available resins during processing. This means that completely new product groups are coming within reach.   more

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  • 05-22-2006

    Precise Mould Temperature Control

    A new mould temperature control system permits production of optical discs with exceptional replication accuracy at very short cycle times. The wider process window simplifies production of HD-DVDs and Blu-ray Discs.   more

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  • 05-08-2006

    Thermoformable Melamine Foam

    Foams made from melamine resin are lightweight, temperature-resistant and withstand many chemicals. With a new, thermoformable version of this foam, production costs can be reduced considerably.   more

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  • 04-24-2006

    Injection Moulding of Liquid Silicone Rubber Foams

    For the first time it has become possible to foam liquid silicone by using physical blowing agents. This process permits production of components with entirely new properties.   more

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381 to 400 from 432 News

show 10  | 20 | 50

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