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  • 01-21-2008

    Precise Scoring

    With the aid of a new scoring system, weakening lines for airbag deployment can be created very precisely in the decorative skins of instrument panels. The knife and spherical backing surface are connected to one another via a C-shaper bracket.   more

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  • 12-21-2007

    Welding with Natural Gas

    Use of natural gas for heating lowers the energy costs and improves process quality when welding plastics. This has been confirmed in real-world trials.   more

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  • 12-11-2007

    Moving Toward the Light in One Step

    By using multi-component injection molding in an automated production cell, it is possible to produce LED light strips from several different resins that are ready for immediate use.   more

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  • 11-27-2007

    Polycarbonate collimator lenses

    Using double-layer injection molding, it is possible to produce polycarbonate collimator lenses with complex free-form surfaces and extreme changes in wall thickness. Thanks to a special temperature control technique, the lenses have exceptional surface quality.   more

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  • 11-07-2007

    Laser-Armored Extruder Screws

    A new development permits the use of laser beams to armor (hard-surface) extruder screws. The process produces precise contours and reduces the risk of crack formation.   more

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  • 10-26-2007

    Rugged and Wear-Resistant

    In a newly developed two-material gear, the outer skin and the inner core are two different materials. The combination of materials improves the characteristics of the gear.   more

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  • 10-12-2007

    Combined Extrusion, Injection Molding and Reaction Technology

    A new processing concept integrates extrusion, injection molding and reactive process into a single manufacturing cell. Using this approach, it is possible to reduce the cycle times for production of parts with integral vibration-absorbing features considerably.   more

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  • 09-26-2007

    Efficient Degassing

    The Multi Rotation System (MRS) represents a new approach for degassing plastic melts. The system can also be used to incorporate blowing agents into polymers.   more

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  • 09-20-2007

    Joining Plastics, Metal and Ceramics via Laser

    Plastic components are often joined with components made of other materials such as metal and ceramics. A newly developed process creates such high-strength joints rapidly.   more

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  • 09-03-2007

    Injection Molding of Profile-Like Plastic Parts

    A new process combines the benefits of extrusion with those of injection molding. Shifting a mold insert creates, an unfilled region of the mold that is then filled continuously with melt.   more

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  • 08-23-2007

    Dry Cleaning of Film Flakes

    In order to remove contaminants, film flakes can undergo a dry cleaning operation prior to extrusion. This results in increased extruder output and improved quality of the reprocessed material.   more

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  • 08-06-2007

    Program for Calculating Non-return Valve Designs

    Non-return valves have a significant influence on process stability and product quality during injection molding. With the aid of simulation calculations, the closing behavior of ring-type non-return valves can be optimized.   more

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  • 07-23-2007

    Clean Cooling Water Through Use of Ozone

    Continuously clean cooling water improves product quality, reduces the reject rate and leads to increased uptime during extrusion. Ozone helps to stabilize the quality of water in the cooling section without any adverse effects on product quality.   more

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  • 07-09-2007

    Long-lasting Formwork Panels

    Plywood formwork panels absorb moisture, thereby altering their flexural and surface characteristics. In contrast, new composite all-plastic formwork panels exhibit more stable materials characteristics and have a considerably longer service life.   more

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  • 06-25-2007

    Higher Strengths When Welding with an Intermediate Layer

    The intermediate layer process allows any transparent plastic components to be bonded by means of laser welding. The thickness of the intermediate layer and its carbon black content have a significant influence on the strength of the weld joint.   more

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  • 06-18-2007

    All-Electric Stand-Alone Micro-Injection Unit

    Injection molding machines from all manufacturers can now be retrofitted with a newly developed all-electric micro-injection unit. The injection unit is suited, above all, for production of extremely small parts.   more

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  • 05-16-2007

    Production in a Continuous Flow

    With the aid of an inline system, plastic parts can be injection moulded, coated and painted directly in succession. This sequence of operations permits economical production of even small lot sizes.   more

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  • 05-03-2007

    Plastics in Photovoltaics

    The photovoltaic industry is booming. Moreover, the plastics industry is also benefiting from this, since solar modules contain polymeric materials to protect the silicon from effects of environmental exposure.   more

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  • 04-23-2007

    Dispensing Abrasive PUR Components at a Constant Rate

    Abrasive additives represent a special challenge for PUR metering systems. A new metering system delivers the abrasive components using two pistons to achieve a constant flow rate.   more

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  • 04-05-2007

    PET Film with a High Proportion of Recycled Material

    The combination of high-performance extrusion equipment with innovative filtration technology makes it possible to economically produce PET film with a high proportion of recycled material.   more

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361 to 380 from 432 News

show 10  | 20 | 50

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