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  • 11-18-2008

    Integrated Security Features to Combat Product Piracy

    Thanks to an innovative process, plastic parts can now be given a hologram-like security feature during injection molding. This provides protection against product piracy without the need for additional operations.   more

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  • 11-03-2008

    Electrically Conductive Plastics Based on CNT

    The electrical conductivity of polymeric materials can be increased through incorporation of carbon nanotubes. At the same time, the mechanical, and melt properties improve.   more

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  • 10-13-2008

    Laser Marking of Painted Parts

    Plastic parts can be marked or lettered in an environmentally compatible manner with the aid of lasers. Previously, painted parts often had to have a "sacrificial layer" to achieve optimal marking results. Investigations have now shown that with appropriate laser-sensitive additives ablative laser marking of paint is possible without the sacrificial layer.   more

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  • 10-06-2008

    Blow Molding Integrated into Injection Molding

    A newly developed combination of processes allows cavities produced via gas injection to be enlarged via blow molding in a second step. This makes it possible to produce hollow plastic parts with complex shapes and attached thin-walled regions.   more

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  • 09-23-2008

    More Absorption, Less Masse

    Using a new system based on infrared radiation, the temperature in an injection mold can be increased quickly. Special measures improve the absorption by the surface to be and minimize the dynamically heated mass.   more

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  • 09-15-2008

    Cooling with Plastics

    Polar polymers cool when an electric voltage is applied to them. Thanks to this property, they could replace conventional cooling systems in the future.   more

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  • 08-22-2008

    Bridge Surface Made of Plastic

    A short time ago, a bridge for road traffic with a surface made of plastic instead of asphalt was completed in Hesse. Because of its relatively light weight, the entire bridge can be lifted by mobile cranes and put into place, ready for traffic.   more

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  • 08-05-2008

    Nanoscale Metal Coatings for Plastic Components

    Nanoscale metal coatings improve the mechanical properties of plastic components significantly. In addition, the continuous use temperature of the components is raised.   more

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  • 07-29-2008

    Hybrid Laser Welding of PP and PC

    A newly developed polypropylene with modified adhesion properties makes it possible to bond PP with polycarbonate or polymethylmethacrylate by means of hybrid laser welding. This makes it possible to dispense with adhesive bonding in the area of automotive headlights and taillights in particular.   more

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  • 07-07-2008

    Continuous Profiles with Oriented Reinforcement

    A new manufacturing process permits continuous production of fiber-reinforced pipe and profile with a thermoplastic matrix. The process does not start with semi-finished goods and can be economically incorporated into existing machinery.   more

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  • 06-16-2008

    Hydrolysis-Resistant PBT

    Extreme temperatures and moisture adversely affect component stability in motor vehicles. Two newly developed hydrolysis-resistant PBT compounds have now demonstrated their capabilities for this environment in a variety of tests.   more

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  • 06-02-2008

    Thermoforming of Plastic Bottles

    A newly developed thermoforming technique permits economical production of plastic bottles with undercuts. The bottles are characterized by a uniform wall thickness distribution, good stability and low weight.   more

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  • 05-16-2008

    Implants for Small Bone Fractures

    Thanks to new implants, fractures of small hollow bones will heal faster in the future. The new implants feature a traction cable, are made of resorbable polymers and contain substances that stimulate bone growth.   more

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  • 05-13-2008

    Water Mist Shortens Cycle Times

    Use of a water mist can increase the production output of stretch blow molding machines significantly. The mist removes heat from the inside surface of the blow molded product.   more

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  • 04-24-2008

    Color Pigments Identify Counterfeits

    In many areas, counterfeit products compromise product safety and imperil market integrity. New color pigments can identify products in a manner that is not visible. This makes it possible to reliably distinguish the genuine product from the counterfeit.   more

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  • 04-14-2008

    Controlled Discharge

    Electrostatic charges can cause problems during plastics processing. A new generation of ionizers measures the charge on objects in order discharge it precisely and in a reliably controlled manner.   more

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  • 04-04-2008

    Hot Forming Instead of Compression Molding/Press Forming

    When using hot forming techniques to process prepregs, the double-diaphragm approach has been found to produce parts with high quality. Since forming and curing take place in separate molds, productivity increases.   more

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  • 03-11-2008

    Target Cooling of Hot Spots

    Many processors are confronted with poorly accessible hot problems zones, so–called "hot spots", in injection molds. A system that provides a high cooling capacity in very tight spaces promises a remedy. Relatively large amounts of heat are needed to vaporize a liquid. A new cooling system that makes use of this effect has been developed by Stemke Kunststofftechnik GmbH, Döbeln.   more

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  • 02-26-2008

    High-Quality Seals in a Single Step

    Adding foamed seals onto thermoplastic parts directly in the injection mold reduces the time and expense of production and increases productivity. The foaming process occurs outside the mold.   more

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  • 02-11-2008

    Solidification under Pressure

    A novel process transforms plastics melts into the solid state solely by using pressure. The parts produced in this way exhibit high dimensional accuracy and are especially well-suited for optical applications.   more

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341 to 360 from 432 News

show 10  | 20 | 50

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