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How Autonomous Driving Is Changing Car Interiors

A Concept Car Illustrates a Possible Future of Design

Autonomous driving not only promises greater safety in traffic, but also more time for the driver. For the automotive industry, that means radically rethinking the design of the vehicle interior. The supplier Yanfeng has now developed a concept for this. The Kunststoffe editorial team was present at its unveiling in Stuttgart and was able to gain an impression of the new concept.

  • The XiM20 differs significantly from existing vehicle models in terms of its appearance (© Hanser/F. Streifinger)

  • The interior is divided into two parts. The front area is intended to convey a café atmosphere, while the rear area is based on a lounge (© Yangfeng)

  • Where the driver used to sit, the view should now invite you to enjoy and dream. The large panorama window provides a bright environment (© Hanser/F. Streifinger)

  • Speedometer, steering wheel and navigation system give way to a large wooden table. Information panels are hidden behind the tabletop. They only become visible as soon as the occupants interact with them (© Hanser/F. Streifinger)

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The automotive supplier Yanfeng has premiered its Experience-in-Motion 2020 concept vehicle (XiM20) in Europe. The company wants to use it to show how autonomous driving will transform auto interiors. The XiM20 was designed to take into account the new car and ride-sharing mobility concepts.

Autonomous driving will impact not only the technology but also the vehicle interior. The steering wheel, gear shift, brakes and gas pedal are eliminated. The driver becomes a passenger and suddenly has time for other things. Car- and ride-sharing will also change the way that cars are used. Ultimately, the vehicle will no longer be regarded as the property of its user, or as a status symbol.

What Do Users Expect from the Interior?

At present, it is difficult to predict what this means for the interior trim. At present, there are no fully autonomous vehicles on the roads. and it is therefore not possible to ask users about their desires and preferences. Yanfeng therefore pursued a different course with the XiM20. It surveyed 2000 people from China, the USA and Germany about what factors they consider essential to their quality of life. The survey also asked the respondents about their expectations for a space, according to how much time they would spend there. Yanfeng’s engineers subsequently applied the results of these studies to develop the concept of the XiM20.

“Based on the findings from our research, we defined what factors affect the consumers’ quality of life and what solutions create unforgettable, impressive experiences. The XiM20 supplements technologies and products with intuitive design, giving the users of autonomous vehicles maximum flexibility and comfort,” explains Tim Shih, Vice President Design and User Experience at Yanfeng Technology.

Company profile

Yanfeng Europe Automotive Interior Systems Co., Ltd

Jagenbergstr. 1
DE 41468 Neuss


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