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News (2)
  • 06-05-2019

    First Moldex3D Authorized Certification Center in Central Europe

    CoreTech System Co. Ltd. Named S&T Consulting in Hungary

    CoreTech System Co. Ltd., the leading provider of engineering simulation solutions for the plastics industry, has named S&T Consulting Hungary Kft. (S&T) as its first Moldex3D Authorized Certification Center (MACC) in Central Europe.   more

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  • 08-25-2016

    Utilizing the Potentials of Plastics for Lightweight Construction

    On the Track of Complex Material Behavior

    The Fraunhofer LBF in Darmstadt, Germany, developed the “reduced integrative simulation” method that allows for simplified calculation models to be established for short-fiber reinforced polymer components.   more

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Products (3)
  • Published in Kunststoffe international 2016/09

    Virtual Process Design


    BASF Polyurethanes GmbH in Lemförde, Germany, have enhanced their Ultrasim simulation tool considerably. According to company information,...   more

    BASF Polyurethanes GmbH Abt. Z/M

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  • Published on 07-07-2016

    CAE Simulation Tool Moldex3D R14

    Improves the Speed, Robustness and Reliability of Simulation

    Simpatec presents a boundary layer mesh (BLM) generator that allows using fewer meshing elements which reduces the meshing time whilst keeping up the maximum wall thickness resolution.   more

    SimpaTec GmbH

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  • Published on 12-21-2015

    Moldex3D Digimat-RP

    Fiber Orientation Estimator for Reinforced Plastics

    CoreTech System and e-Xstream engineering jointly developed a complete solution for accurate structural nonlinear FEA simulations of reinforced plastic parts.   more

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Journals (20)
  • Nozzles Regulate Thickness
    Kunststoffe international 2019/05, PAGE 43 - 46

    Nozzles Regulate Thickness

    Adaptive Flow Resistors in the Spiral Mandrel Tool Compensate for Volume Flows

    Wall thickness fluctuations often occur during the production of blown films. Spiral mandrel dies with adjustable nozzles can balance the...   more

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  • In the Spirit of Leonardo
    Kunststoffe international 2019/01-02, PAGE 44 - 46

    In the Spirit of Leonardo

    Moretto Sets the Course for the Company’s Future

    Renato Moretto, founder and President of Moretto, has not given interviews for quite a long time. With the company’s expansion activities...   more

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  • Digital Preview of Bio-Based Parts
    Kunststoffe international 2018/11, PAGE 46 - 49

    Digital Preview of Bio-Based Parts

    Injection Molding Simulation Puts Bioplastics on the Road to Industrial Mass Production

    It is difficult to use bioplastics in engineering parts due to a lack of processing data. However, these data are very important for making...   more

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Business Directory (3)
  • MPDV Mikrolab GmbH

    Römerring 1
    DE 74821 Mosbach
    Tel.: 06261 9209-0
    Fax: 06261 18139
    E-mail: info <AT>

    MPDV Mikrolab GmbH ( headquartered in Mosbach/Germany is developing Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and is looking back...

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  • SIGMA Engineering GmbH

    Kackertstr. 11
    DE 52072 Aachen
    Tel.: 0241 89495
    Fax: 0241 89495-20
    E-mail: info <AT>

    SIGMA Engineering GmbH is a 100% daughter company of the technology and market leader in casting simulation located in Aachen, Germany,...

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  • SimpaTec GmbH

    Wurmbenden 15
    DE 52070 Aachen
    Tel.: 0241 565276-0
    Fax: 0241 565276-99
    E-mail: info <AT>

    The core philosophy of SimpaTec is our motor and at the same time an appeal to our clients: “Break your limits!” Moreover, it is a call to...

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