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News (1)
  • 05-20-2020

    Arburg Manufactures High-tech Masks

    High-quality Face Mask Made of LSR

    Additional to the production of protective glasses, Arburg has now launched a further project against the spread of the corona virus and produces reusable face masks.   more

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Products (9)
  • Published on 10-31-2018

    Extended Elastomer Product Line from Dow

    Low-Temperature-Cure Silicone

    New low-temperature curing silicone from Dow Chemical Company is expected to provide more performance and processing benefits.   more

    Dow Europe GmbH

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  • Published on 06-25-2018

    Small Parts, Great Efficiency

    Engel Produces Catheter Components from LSR in Series

    Engel demonstrates how to minimise unit costs with intelligent machine technology by producing catheter components from liquid silicone rubber (LSR) using a 16-cavity mould on a tie-bar-less Engel victory 200/80 injection molding machine with clamping force of 800 kN.   more


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  • Published in Kunststoffe international 2017/09

    Elastosil R plus 4350/55

    Solid Silicones and High Temperatures

    Wacker's new solid silicone can withstand several days’ exposure to temperatures of up to 300 °C without any significant change in its elasticity or mechanical properties.   more

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Journals (15)
  • Galactic Compounds
    Kunststoffe international 2019/03, PAGE 56 - 57

    Galactic Compounds

    Properties of and Demands on Silicone Rubbers in the Space and Aerospace Industry

    Not only on Earth do elastomers make an important contribution to everyday life in demanding applications but they are also in demand for...   more

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  • Flexible Blow Molded Parts of  Silicone Rubber
    Kunststoffe international 2018/03, PAGE 53 - 57

    Flexible Blow Molded Parts of Silicone Rubber

    Production of Elastomeric Blow Molded Parts Using Temperature-Controlled Die Technology

    Silicone rubber cannot yet be processed by extrusion blow molding. A new approach ensures a low level of pre-crosslinking of the material,...   more

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  • Efficient Heat Dissipation
    Kunststoffe international 2018/03, PAGE 33 - 36

    Efficient Heat Dissipation

    Silicone-Based Thermal Interface Materials for Electric Vehicles

    Efficient thermal management is needed for the drive batteries, electric motors and power electronics in electric vehicles. Due to their...   more

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Business Directory (4)
  • Wacker Chemie AG

    Hanns-Seidel-Platz 4
    DE 81737 München
    Tel.: 89 6279-1741
    E-mail: info <AT>

    WACKER is a globally active chemical company with some 13,800 employees and annual sales of around 4.92 billion (2017). Spanning the globe...

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  • Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH

    Kajen 2
    DE 20459 Hamburg
    Tel.: 040 3687-0
    Fax: 040 3687-249
    E-mail: info <AT>

    We offer an extensive range of raw materials and additives to manufacturers of thermoplastic resins and PVC.

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  • Emerald Performance Materials

    Mijnweg 1
    NL 6167 AC GELEEN
    Tel.: +31 46 702-2911
    Fax: +31 20 794-8466

    Emerald's high performance antioxidants, plasticizers, nucleating agents, epoxy resins and modifiers are the key components you need to...

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