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News (3)
  • 02-10-2017

    Biofibers Made from Green Lacewing Silk

    High-Grade Rigid Fiber for Lightweight Plastics

    The Fraunhofer IAP and AMSilk GmbH are developing innovative biofibers made from a silk protein of the green lacewing.   more

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  • 12-21-2016

    Robust Integration of Electronics into Lightweight Structures

    Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Moldings with Electronic Functions

    In a research project named TEMAG, scientists of TU University Dresden, Germany, developed a process to produce continuous fiber-reinforced injection molded components with integrated electronic functional elements.   more

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  • 12-14-2016

    Nature as a Role Model: Artificial Spider Silk for Textiles

    Bionic High-Performance Fiber Biosteel

    Biosteel is the first natural-based high-performance fiber patterned on spider silk. It is completely biodegradable, anti-microbacterial and extremely tough.   more

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Products (9)
  • Published in Kunststoffe international 2017/09

    Novelties for Exterior and Interior Applications


    Polykemi is positioning itself with innovations in blends, high-performance plastics, and lightweight design and recycling applications at Fakuma 2017.   more

    Polykemi AB

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  • Published on 09-04-2017

    Braided Carbon Wheels

    Porsche 911 Turbo S with a World Première

    Porsche equips its Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series with wheels manufactured entirely from carbon-fiber-reinforced polymers.   more

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  • Published in Kunststoffe international 2017/10

    NAFILite and NAFILean

    Hemp-Fiber-Based PP for Reduced CO2 Emissions

    Faurecia designed and developed its hemp fiber-based NAFILite and NAFILean materials to help car manufacturers make lighter cars and thus curb emissions.   more

    Faurecia Automotive GmbH

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Journals (25)
  • Naturally Non-Flammable
    Kunststoffe international 2018/01-02, PAGE 51 - 54

    Naturally Non-Flammable

    PBT Compounds Modified with Natural Fiber Reinforcement as Flame Retardant

    Good fire resistance is important in technically demanding applications. However, the use of suitable additives reduces the mechanical...   more

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  • Monomers Coursing through the Veins
    Kunststoffe international 2018/01-02, PAGE 47 - 50

    Monomers Coursing through the Veins

    Lowering the Moisture Absorption of Natural Fibers by Cavity Polymerization

    Natural fibers are light, economical and renewable. Which is why they are being increasingly considered for structural components. However,...   more

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  • Reducing Load in Air Transportation
    Kunststoffe international 2018/01-02, PAGE 55 - 57

    Reducing Load in Air Transportation

    Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic Modules Can Be Used to Reinforce Airplane Cargo Compartments

    The use of thermoplastic fiber composites enables outstanding specific stiffness and flame retardant properties to be combined with...   more

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Business Directory (1)
  • Werit-Kunststoffwerke W. Schneider GmbH & Co. KG

    Kölner Straße
    DE 57610 Altenkirchen
    Tel.: 02681 807-0
    Fax: 02681 807-205

    The WERIT Kunststoffwerk headquartered in Altenkirchen (Rhineland-Palatinate, Westerwald) is a modern family-owned company operating...

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