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  • Published on 10-17-2020

    Increased Dose Reliability

    Static Reducing Compounds for Drug Delivery Devices

    These static-reducing functional plastic compounds enable increased dose reliability, when used in drug delivery devices.   more

    Clariant International Ltd.

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  • Published on 10-06-2020

    User-Friendly Human-Machine Interface

    Comprehensive Lineup of Monofilament Extrusion Machinery

    The customizable nature of Plasco’s monofilament extrusion lines, combined with the increasing prevalence of monofilament-based products, allows these machines to serve nearly any plastic manufacturing facility.   more

    Plasco Engineering Inc.

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  • Published on 10-02-2020

    Next-Generation Rotary Table Machine

    Arburg Presents Allrounder 1300 T

    With the Allrounder 1300 T, Arburg is expanding its range of vertical rotary table machines. The new machine offers more space for heavier moulds – and with a significantly reduced installation area.   more

    ARBURG GmbH + Co KG

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  • Published on 09-29-2020

    Higher Product Quality at Cascade Injection Molding

    New Products for Hot Runner Systems

    Innovations from the Italian hot runner manufacturer HRSflow include an even more precise control system for the hydraulic nozzle needle drive, wear-resistant equipment for abrasive plastics and an example of high quality in film back injection.   more


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  • Published on 09-25-2020

    For Antistatic Finishing

    Waterborne and Solvent Based Lacquer Systems

    It has been possible to design a high-gloss, water-based product with very good slip properties and a surface that is only slightly darker or grayer in comparison to that of conventional lacquers.   more

    ROWA GROUP Holding GmbH

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  • Published on 09-19-2020

    Move up to Four Valve Pins Simultaneously in a Confined Space

    Pneumatic MultiPin Valve Gate Actuator with Valve Pin Quick Coupling

    The new pneumatic MultiPin valve gate actuator is suitable for valve gate applications in which multiple nozzles have to be positioned in the most confined space and need to be opened and closed simultaneously.   more

    Incoe International

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  • Published on 09-08-2020

    Maximum Precision for Lowest Shot Weights

    Engel Presents New LSR Micro-Injection Unit

    The new LSR micro-injection unit sees Engel extend the range of applications for its injection molding machines to include even lower shot weights.   more


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  • Published on 09-02-2020

    Two Copolyesters, Two Colors

    Materials for Selective Laser Sintering

    For technical parts and sports articles, Evonik has developed two new copolyester powders. They are based on the technology of a start-up recently taken over by Evonik.   more

    Evonik Industries AG

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  • Published on 08-24-2020

    Covestro Developed Machine for the Direct Infusion of Polyurethane Rotor Blades

    Production of a Polyurethane Wind Rotor Blade at Goldwind

    Covestro provided Goldwind, a wind turbine blade manufacturer, a special Baulé infusion machine for processing its high performance polyurethane resin.   more

    Covestro Deutschland AG

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  • Published on 08-20-2020

    Better Sound with Just a Few Micrometers

    PEEK Membranes in Micro Speakers

    Victrex has introduced a line of ultra-thin APTIV-DBX films for micro speakers. The 3 to 6 µm-thick films are intended for smartphones and headphones.   more

    Victrex Europa GmbH

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  • Published on 07-29-2020

    Heat Stabilizers for Polyamides

    Reduction of Copper and Halogen Content

    New heat stabilizers overcome performance limits of polyamides and are easy to dose and disperse during compounding.   more

    Brüggemann Chemical L. Brüggemann KG

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  • Published on 07-02-2020

    Compact User-Friendly Electric Valve Direct Drive

    Introduction of New Electric Valve Gate Cylinder

    Incoe has developed a new electric direct needle drive, which will be presented at the Fakuma in autumn.   more

    Incoe International

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  • Published on 06-22-2020

    Compact Rotary Cooling Unit for Demolding Rotating Cores

    New Standard Device for Injection Mold Making

    i-mold has developed a line of compact rotary cooling units that facilitate the cost-efficient integration of rotating cores into injection molds.   more

    i-mold GmbH & Co. KG

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  • Published on 06-16-2020

    Digital Service from a Distance

    Remote Maintenance Box for Service and Maintenance of System Controls

    Widely ramified material transport, preparation and dosing systems require the rapid deployment of specialized staff or even the service of the machine manufacturer in the event of a fault. In order to keep interruptions in operation as short as possible, the use of remote maintenance is becoming more and more important, especially in our modern times.   more

    motan holding gmbh

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  • Published on 05-19-2020

    Colors & Effects Developed a New Pigment

    Smart Recycling of Dark Plastics

    Sicopal Black K 0098 FK is a sustainable alternative replacing carbon black. It can be used for multiple processing steps and closed loop recycling.   more

    BASF Colors & Effects GmbH

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  • Published on 05-06-2020

    Three-Stage Pump Design with Regenerative Impellers

    Conair HRG Series Vacuum Pumps

    Hybrid vacuum pump combines quiet operation with long-distance conveying power and energy savings.   more

    Conair Corporate Office

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  • Published on 04-27-2020

    Small Injection Moldings for Protection against Corona

    Implementing a Face Mask Concept in Record Time

    With a short response time, Synventive delivered a hot runner system that was needed for the production of a new oronasal mask from OKE.   more

    Synventive Molding Solutions

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  • Published on 04-20-2020

    High Stability and Precision

    Engel Presents the Next Generation e-cap

    Even faster, even more stable, even more efficient: Engel presents the next generation of the all-electric e-cap injection molding machine series for beverage caps.   more


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  • Published on 04-07-2020

    For Heavy-Duty Structural Components

    Intelligent System Concept for the Production of LFT Pellets

    Components made of long fiber-reinforced thermoplastics have a good impact/notched bar impact strength, high material strength and good rigidity with less material used.   more

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  • Published on 04-02-2020

    New Free-Fall Metal Separator

    Sesotec Presents Rapid Pro-Sense 6

    Sesotec is expanding its free-fall metal separator series with the Rapid Pro-Sense 6, which will be optimized for use in the plastics industry.   more

    Sesotec GmbH

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  • Published on 03-23-2020

    For Automotive Interior Applications

    Trinseo’s Pulse Eco Series Contains Recycled Content

    The PC/ABS ECO series provide good flow properties, low temperature ductility, a low carbon dioxide footprint and low density.   more

    Trinseo LLC

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  • Published on 03-19-2020

    Setting the Stage for Seamless Connectivity

    New B&R Portfolio with OPC UA over TSN

    With OPC UA over TSN, B&R wants to turn the vision of interface free communication from the sensor to the cloud into reality.   more

    B&R Industrie-Elektronik GmbH

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  • Published on 03-09-2020

    PBT Grade for High-Voltage Automotive Applications

    Strong Dimensional Stability and Stable Electrical Resistance

    Duranex PBT CG7030 from Polyplastics is a polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) grade which provides improved tracking resistance for a range of high-voltage automotive components.   more

    Polyplastics Co., Ltd.

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  • Published on 03-03-2020

    Efficiency for Mold Makers and Injection Molders

    SealFit Hot Halves

    The new Hot Halves from hot-runner manufacturer Incoe enable reliable and user-friendly operation.   more

    Incoe International

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  • Published on 02-25-2020

    PPS Film for 5G

    Replace Liquid Crystalline Polymers (LCP)

    The 5G sector is growing. Liquid crystalline polymers are often used for flexible printed circuit boards. However, they often cause processing difficulties and are expensive. A special PPS film could be an alternative.   more

    Toray Resins Europe GmbH (TREU)

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  • Published on 02-24-2020

    Central Visualization of Process Data

    Temperature Control Units Networked via Dashboard

    Each new generation temperature control unit from Regloplas has its own OPC-UA client server and is thus fully integrable, for example, with the user’s PPS, MES, or ERP Systems.   more

    Regloplas AG

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  • Published on 02-19-2020

    Fiber-Reinforced Powders for Construction

    Efficient Testing of Glass and Carbon Reinforcement

    FRP-reinforcement for use in concrete is growing in popularity. However, quality assurance is challenging due to the sensitive high-performance fibers.   more

    ZwickRoell GmbH & Co. KG

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  • Published on 02-10-2020

    PAEK Materials for Eos Laser Sintering Platform

    Additive Manufacturing at the University of Exeter

    As part of its ongoing collaboration with Victrex, the University of Exeter commissions recently launched a 3D printing platform for high temperature polymers.   more

    Victrex Europa GmbH

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  • Published on 02-03-2020

    Material for Surgical Robotic Systems

    Withstands Sterilization Methods

    Thermoplastic compounds from RTP Company provide strength, durability, color, flame retardance, wear and chemical resistance for surgical robotic systems.   more

    RTP Company

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  • Published on 01-20-2020

    Insulation for Buildings and Trains

    Successor for Basotect UF

    BASF is replacing its melamine foam Basotect UF with a new grade. This will open up further areas of application.   more


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  • Published on 01-16-2020

    Thick and Thin

    Cast Unit for Cast Film Extrusion

    The cast unit from Colines introduces a number of technical developments which are known in other sectors but had never been applied to cast film extrusion.   more

    Colines Spa

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  • Published on 01-13-2020

    Networked Production with an Adaptive System

    Kistler Puts Artificial Intelligence into Plastics Processing

    ComoNeoPredict, a module of the ComoNeo process monitoring system, allows model-based prediction of the desired part quality based on the cavity pressure and temperature profiles.   more

    Kistler Instrumente AG

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  • Published on 01-07-2020

    Ecological Coloring of Bioplastics

    Masterbatches for Polyethylene

    BASF developed a masterbatch for plastics coloring, which consists of renewable raw materials.   more

    BASF Aktiengesellschaft

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  • Published on 12-18-2019

    Expanded Post-Processing of Measurement Data

    Quality Control for Plastics Injection Molding and 3D Printing

    FormCorrect is a software module for product optimization by largely automated correction of CAD models, it is integrated in WinWerth.   more

    Werth Messtechnik GmbH

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  • Published on 12-16-2019

    Higher Speed for Material Exchange

    Technical Advances in More Flexible Blow-Molding Lines

    The new extrusion line can extrude laminate, barrier and biomaterials, since the new TES72 extrusion die can process both polyolefin and barrier-film formulations on the same line.   more

    Macchi spa

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  • Published on 12-11-2019

    A Photopolymer with High Flame Protection

    Henkel Expands Cooperation with 3D Printer Manufacturers

    The photopolymer was developed specifically for the Origin One 3D printer from Origin. It satisfies the UL 94V–0 standard for flame protection.   more

    Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

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  • Published on 12-09-2019

    Habile Tool for Quality Measurement

    Fast and Precise Measurement of Tubular Samples

    Tube and hose manufacturers are searching for fast, precise and cost-effective ways to measure and record tubular samples in the laboratory. The solution could be a measuring system that also transmits the data digitally.   more

    Zumbach Electronic AG

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  • Published on 12-04-2019

    Purposeful Design

    In addition to all standard plastics, the new Single Shot nozzles can process technical and slightly reinforced materials, as well.

    Single Shot Nozzles from Hasco   more

    HASCO Hasenclever GmbH + Co KG

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  • Published on 12-02-2019

    Higher Output and Process Stability

    W&H Presents Cooling System for Blown Film Extrusion

    The updated cooling system is the latest development the company’s Arctis cool ring family.   more

    Windmöller & Hölscher KG

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  • Published on 11-28-2019

    Food-Waste Based

    Bio-Based Flame Retardants

    Clariant has introduced additives based on renewable raw materials together with the Finnish company Neste.   more

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  • Published on 11-25-2019

    Polyamide 3D Printed in No Time at All

    Farsoon Flight-HT403P is Taking the Beta Test

    A Swiss company has put what it calls the world’s fastest laser sintering machine for plastics in beta operation.   more

    Farsoon Europe GmbH

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  • Published on 11-19-2019

    Evolution of Melt Filtration

    Scalable 15” Disk Filter System

    The aim was to avoid deflections in the melt flow and avoid extremely tight radii, and achieve a uniform flow rate over the installed filter surface area.   more

    Seebach GmbH

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  • Published on 11-18-2019

    More Efficiency in Compounding and Recycling

    Twin-Screw Extruder and Sophisticated Metering Technology

    The new features are reported to increase the efficiency of the process, energy and other resources and simplify handling.   more

    Coperion GmbH

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  • Published on 11-11-2019

    Better Part Quality through Gentle Melt Guidance

    Sophisticated Manifold Technology from Günther

    A rheologically and thermally optimized manifold technology ensures that the molding compound can flow into each of the individual mold cavities with uniform pressure and uniform melt state.   more

    Günther Heisskanaltechnik GmbH

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  • Published on 11-06-2019

    PTFE-Based Sealing Materials for Dynamic Applications

    Trelleborg Launches Electrically Conductive Sealing Materials

    The fact that electrical conductivity was achieved in these original carbon filled PTFE-based materials was accidental and electrical resistance was not the primary engineering requirement.   more


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  • Published on 11-05-2019

    Servo-Electric Drive Option for the Injection Unit

    Boy Injection-Molding Machines Now Available as Hybrid Version

    In Düsseldorf, the new, more compact format of the Boy 100E was presented. Compared to its predecessor, the machine length is reduced by 460 mm. It thus now has a footprint of only 4.62 m².   more

    Dr. Boy GmbH & Co. KG

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  • Published on 10-29-2019

    Inline Inspector Detects Voids

    Using Thermography to Identify Concealed Holes and Gaps

    A testing device can detect concealed holes and gaps in diverse materials.   more

    EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH

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  • Published in Kunststoffe international 2019/09

    100-Percent Testing of the Layer Thickness

    Polytec at K 2019

    Polytec GmbH presents the layer thickness measurement device from Enovasense which was developed for non-transparent and semi-transparent layers.   more

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  • Published in Kunststoffe international 2019/09

    Targeting Material Economies and Energy Efficiency

    Meccanoplastica at K 2019

    In Düsseldorf, the company unveils its HE550s model, one of its latest generation of all-electric extrusion blow-molding machines.   more

    Meccanoplastica di Mazza & Co. Srl

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  • Published in Kunststoffe international 2019/09

    Special Compounds for the Mobility of Tomorrow

    Barlog Plastics at K 2019

    The Barlog Group showcases a wide range of compounds for the mobility of tomorrow.   more

    Barlog plastics GmbH

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