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Broad Product Portfolio


Drying system with two Drymax E battery dryers (figure: Wittmann)

Wittmann Kunststoffgeräte GmbH, Vienna, Austria, will be presenting plastic equipment from various fields of material handling: In the field of material drying, Wittmann will be offering its Drymax technology. Aton plus is the segmented wheel dryer appearing with a new design and new user interface. The touch display of the Aton plus allows the user to gain an overview of all the drying parameters and is easy to operate with the graphic menu control. A seven-day timer with which the dryer can be automatically switched on and off contributes to an effective reduction in energy consumption. Further energy-saving measures, that have been improved once again for the Aton plus, are the optimization of the regeneration phase thanks to the "3-Save" process, or the automatic selection of the drying method in "EcoMode".

An innovation for Drymax battery dryers is being presented in the form of the FC plus module. An FC-controlled dryer adapts the drying air volume to the throughput requirements of the respective drying battery. Ideally these adaptations take place automatically. The system is highly effective particularly in drying systems with several air dryers. When demand is low, dryers can be switched off under automatic control. A dryer that is then not in operation switches to standby mode, resulting in all electricity consumers such as fans and heaters being switched off. The FC plus function represents a further module for energy management of complete systems.

Gravimax G56 metering unit (figure: Wittmann)

From the G series, the Gravimax G56 will be on show. The new gravimetric blender uses up to six different components. Metering is effected by pneumatically actuated, low-wear dispensing actuators. The special RTLS (Real Time Live Scale) system determines how often and how long each dispensing actuator has to be opened. This method allows an impressive metering precision of ± 1 % to be achieved. In the bowl-shaped mixing tank, a homogeneous blend of all the components is effectively achieved through the use of a special spiral blender. The user interface is extremely well laid out. The controller allows operation with or without formulations and is able to automatically optimize the metering sequence of the components.

Furthermore, an extensive range of beside-the-press granulators will be on show. The screenless granulators from the Minor and Junior Series will be presented, as will the MAS2 and MAS3 granulators. The compact screenless granulators are ideal for hard and brittle materials. They are suitable for efficient and cost-efficient grinding of (even glass fiber-reinforced) plastics. MAS granulators, on the other hand, are generally used for soft and flexible materials. Wittmann can thus offer the right system for every application. All the granulators supply an extremely uniform regrind with very low fines content for the best possible recycling result. The cutting tools are low-wear. The granulators are furthermore characterized by minimum and simple maintenance and low energy consumption, and are extremely quiet during operation. The screenless granulators can be equipped with an optional automatic reversing system to prevent blocking of the rotor.

Fakuma hall B1, booth 1204

Company profile

Wittmann Kunststoffgeräte GmbH

Lichtblaustr. 10
AT 1220 WIEN
Tel.: +43 1 250390
Fax: +43 1 2597170

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