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The Latest Upgrades

Next Level of Cooling Solutions

  • From complex automotive injection molded parts to high speed thin wall packaging, the new process-synchronized cooling approach covers all cooling demands in plastics molding with performance improvements, cycle time reduction and cost savings, together with reductions of environmental impact (© Frigel)

  • The central adiabatic water cooling system is installed outdoors, in order to reject the heat extracted from processes to the ambient (© Frigel)

  • Due to synchronized cooling, the intelligent use of chilled water and free-cooling opportunities, the new system results in high energy savings (© Frigel)

  • Central Chillers product line: the Air Cooled MRM Series includes a full range of modular chillers from 90 to 580 kW (25.6 to 165 t) (© Frigel)

  • The new machine side product line (© Frigel)

  • The operating principle brings overall performance to a higher level in plastics processing (© Frigel)

  • As a market leader in intelligent process cooling, Frigel manufactures and markets intelligent, integrated cooling systems. All designed and engineered to fit specific applications such as plastic molding, beverage processing and other processes. Frigel also develops and customizes all microprocessor and PLC-based controls internally for all its products and solutions (© Frigel)

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Frigel will bring to the K 2019 in Düsseldorf, Germany, its portfolio of cooling solutions for the plastics industry with all new developments. Highlights are the latest upgrade of the Ecodry System, Microgel for Injection Molding and for Packaging (RCP Series), the new lines of Thermogel and Frigel's new IndustrialChiller (Air Cooled MRM Series).

Ecodry – Adiabatic Fluid Cooler

The concept of the upgraded Ecodry System integrates high performance mold cooling units (Microgel) connected to each mold with a closed circuit adiabatic central cooling system (Ecodry) for overall system heat dissipation (replacing old cooling tower technology).

The system is based on two technologies: The first one being a complete range of mold temperature control units that covers every specific molding application: number of zones and temperature ranges, heating, cooling and pumping requirements for each zone of a mold. Digitally-synchronized with the molding machines and automatically operated by them, processors can research the best cooling parameters and cycling sequence of heating and/or cooling for each zone of a mold, which maximizes quality and throughput for each product.

Secondly, all the cooling units installed at each mold are connected to a central adiabatic water cooling system. This modular system consists of closed circuit adiabatic fluid coolers that can keep the coolant temperature even lower than the ambient temperature. Additionally, this central system can also provide direct cooling for all other requirements, such as hydraulic machine cooling, resin dryers, air compressors, etc.

Frigel says, the new Ecodry System 4.0 brings overall performance to a higher level in plastics processing. In most applications the net result can be cycle time reductions up to 50%, with improved part quality, along with even higher resulting electrical power savings. The "Process-synchronized cooling" guarantees that each mold always runs with shortest cooling time, consistently producing high quality molded parts at the highest throughput.

Thanks to the complete range of units available, there is no limitation for settings of coolant temperature from 5 to 200˚C (41 to 392˚F), flow rate delivered to each mold zone for all kinds of plastics applications. The serial communication and synchronization capabilities assure precise temperature control of the mold with no interference from other work cells, while the processing equipment always runs steadily at the highest throughput.
The unit will be presented in its glycol-free, self-draining configuration, with an inverter driven pumping station and new advanced digital control panel.

Microgel – TCUs with Booster Pumps and Integrated Portable Chiller

In Düsseldorf Frigel will present the traditional ranges of Microgel for Injection Molding (RCM/D Series) – single and dual zone, for molding throughputs from 10 to 900 kg/h (20 to 2000 lb/h) and Microgel for Packaging (RCP Series) – from 100 to 2000 kg/h (220 to 4400 lb/h), now both with 100% new digital technology and touch screen control. Microgels are super-compact units specifically designed to reduce cooling cycle time in molding applications and combine, in one machine, a water cooled chiller with one or two booster pump high precision heated temperature control zones.

With more than 40,000 units installed worldwide, these mold cooling units have provided real life cooling cycle time reductions (up to 50%), together with parts quality improvements through perfect mold temperature control and high energy savings, thanks to their automatic free-cooling feature. The new digital technology provides energy and flow monitoring and includes inverter driven booster process pumps.

New Lines of Mold Temperature Control Units

Visitors of the booth can also take a look at the four completely new lines of Thermogel. Starting with a new TBD Series – up to 90°C (194˚F) – offering a robust and cost effective solution for general molding applications. Then, the new TDK Series – up to 120°C (248˚F) and TPK Series – up to 180°C (356˚F) pressurized water TCUs for high temperature applications will be on display. This new line was recently developed and designed in a joint venture with Matsui – the Japanese leader in plastics technologies.

Air Cooled MRM Series

Furthermore there will be two new lines of chillers introduced to the plastic market for the very first time. The IndustrialChiller – Air Cooled MRM Series – includes a full range of modular chillers from 90 to 580 kW (25.6 to 165 t). This heavy-duty, industrial-grade new line is more efficient, reliable and cost effective than the previous Heavygel HGM. Featuring Multi-Scroll compressors, microchannel condensers and a wide range of options covering all process demands and extreme weather conditions, this new line offers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for this type of chillers in the market.

CapCooler and MoldDryer

For Packaging applications, the manufacturer will present two completely new products: the CapCooler, a post-molding closure cooling units for ultra-fast molding cycles, and the MoldDryer, an air dehumidifier for mold enclosures to avoid sweating in low cooling water temperature applications.

Supervision with MiND

With MiND, the New Digital Factory Supervision System 4.0, the company will bring its in-house developed digital solution to meet the increasing needs of modern companies to reach Industry 4.0 and IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) standards. MiND is able to provide customers a perfect supervision and maintenance tool for all Frigel equipment and accessories, both central and machine-side, allowing monitoring and management of all working parameters and events and registering performance and energy consumption of every single cooling system component through a multifunctional user interface, both locally and remotely, through a user-friendly webpage. (bf)

Company profile

Frigel Firenze S.p.A.

Via Pisana, 316
Tel.: +39 055 722091

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