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Reifenhäuser Blown Film EVO line and Ultraflat technologies

Focus on Productivity and Flatness

Fig. 1. EVO line: Simplified functional operating elements, together with clear surfaces, form the basis for high productivity (© Reifenhäuser)

One of the highlights presented at the Reifenhäuser booth at the last K show in Düsseldorf, Germany, was the debut of a new EVO line generation (Fig. 1). EVO lines are intended to provide easy operation, maintenance and cleaning. Functional operating elements, together with clear and tidy surfaces, form the basis for high productivity.

With their modular system lines for 3 to 12+ layers can be configured that allow customers to produce films of high quality, reliably, efficiently and flexibly. A broad range of products made of HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, mPE, EVA, PP, PA, EVOH, PETG, PS, ionomers, blends, and recyclate can be produced. The spectrum ranges from films for standard applications to more demanding films with barrier properties, and also encompasses agricultural applications.

Selectively Improving the Flatness of Blown Films

Better flatness enables blown film to be printed more quickly in downstream processes and also boosts productivity. Not only that, but less film camber leads to better sealing quality in FFS machines. These advantages are conferred by Evolution Ultra Flat (Fig. 2) from Reifenhäuser Blown Film GmbH, Worms, Germany, which is a system for selectively improving the flatness of blown films.

The main objective of the EVO Ultra Flat systems is to enhance film quality by neutralizing two main deteriorating effects: Camber of the film is caused by different lengths in the collapsing frame. Bagginess of the film is caused by length and temperature variations during the collapsing process. Slightly stretching the film removes these defects.

Fig. 2. EVO Ultra Flat consists of flattening rolls installed between the nip roll and turning bar ­assemblies in the take-off (© Reifenhäuser)

The stretching unit Evolution Ultra Stretch affords a simple way of down-gauging while retaining or even improving film properties – pre-stretched silage stretch film, for example, can be made 25–35 % thinner than previously possible. The initial heat from the produced film is used for stretching and so saves energy and, because the unit is integrated into the blown film line, comparatively little capital outlay is needed.

The EVO Ultra Flat take-off enables higher processing performance on printing, slitting and laminating through better flatness. By use of existing heat energy in the film nearly no additional energy is required. Therefore the system reduces the line’s energy consumption. As an integral part of existing line components the take-off does not add complexity and lowers investment cost to a minimum.

Eliminating Film Flatness Imperfections

In summary, the system is able to correct and completely eliminate film flatness imperfections that may occur in the bubble collapsing unit or are due to the basic structure of the various raw materials used for the production of complex blown films. Thus Ultra Flat provides flat film that runs smoothly through downstream systems, such as printing presses and bag making machines. This ensures higher efficiency and enhanced product quality.

Company profile

Reifenhäuser GmbH & Co.KG Maschinenfabrik

Spicher Str. 46-48
DE 53844 Troisdorf
Tel.: 02241 481-0
Fax: 02241 23510-790

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