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Quality Assurance

Sensors for Colors and Abrasion

The idiamControl inspection pig (bottom right) and other sensor measuring systems will be on display at K2013 (figure: Micro-Epsilon)

Micro-Epsilon Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG in Ortenburg, Germany, will introduce their colorControl ACS 7000 color measuring system, the idiamControl inspection pig designed for the maintenance of extrusion plants, and other measuring devices.

The in-line colorControl ACS 7000 measuring system achieves D < 0.1 color accuracy and can identify D < 0.08 color difference. It not only detects the stored colors according to the yes-or-no principle, but even determines the workpiece's color by means of spectrophotometry. The unit can store and inspect up to 15 colors. Performing color measurement, the color data is determined during production, and the tendency analyzed. The device's measurement frequency is 2,000 Hz. Spectrophotometric comparison determines and analyses the reflectance spectrum of the inspected part. The user can choose between a large number of color spaces, distances and standard illuminants in order to calculate color values. The non-contact sensor head sits in a 30°/0° angle, thus preventing direct impact on the measured results due to reflection from wet or brilliant plastics. The sensor head works at 50 mm distance and 9 mm spot size. The color inspection systems are already used today for continuous in-line color control in the production of plastics sheets, plastics ribbons, for the inspection of window frames and in film extrusion.

The idiamControl system employs a new type of non-contact inspection pig ("Messmolch") to determine abrasion in 8-shaped bores during the maintenance of extrusion plants. The unit's user interface features a touch screen and the system supports data exchange via a USB interface. With its capacitive sensors sitting opposite to each other, the inspection pig measures the housing bore's inner diameter. By turning the cross rollers by 40° clockwise or counter-clockwise, the housing bore can be measured in six tracks, in total. The inspection pig is centered at both ends by spring-loaded rollers. Several metal pins at the bore prevent the measuring cylinder from turning. The measuring signal is presented as a diameter over the entire bore length and any tolerance deviations are immediately displayed. By comparing diameter values, extruder abrasion is calculated. A calibration control system checks the functionality of the measuring system.

Moreover, the company will present a system designed for in-line thermographic measurement in injection molding shops. Based on an infrared camera, the system controls the process, safeguarding 100 % in-line quality control. Another main focus is on systems and plants for contact and non-contact thickness measurements on blown and flat films as well as rubber webs, i.e., in particular, the model called thicknessControl 8X01.EO. This equipment measures thickness profiles, based on distance signals, and is independent of material constants and surface quality. It is suitable for relatively thick products, such as deep drawn films or rubber webs.

Company profile

Micro-Epsilon Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Königbacher Str. 15
DE 94496 Ortenburg
Tel.: 08542 168-0
Fax: 08542 168-90

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