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Efficiency for Mold Makers and Injection Molders

SealFit Hot Halves

Hot-runner manufacturer Incoe International Europe, Rödermark, Germany, is introducing its new Hot Halves (type: SealFit) to the European market. A Hot Half comprises a complete, ready-to-go system with SealFIt hot runner nozzles.

  • The new Hot Halves of the SealFit type increase the efficiency in toolmaking and injection molding processes and enable reliable and user-friendly operation (© Incoe)

  • The complete system with its attached supply lines and connections can be easily removed from the Hot Halves for maintenance and service (© Incoe)

  • SealFit Hot Halves follow the concept of pre-installed modules to save time and effort during project planning, design, production, and installation (© Incoe)

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It is completely mounted in and adjusted to the corresponding mold plate and then tested for functionality prior to shipment. Important advantages of the Hot Halves include less time and effort for planning, project management, design, production and installation, as well as simplified production starts and enhanced operating safety for the injection molder.

Advantages of the New Hot Halves

Especially in terms of operating safety, the concept of screwed-in nozzles offers even more advantages: nozzle and manifold connections are leak-proof, the flow channels of both are always aligned, irrespective of the working point. The screw connection to the manifold requires no nozzle heads that otherwise sit in specially provided pockets with very tight tolerances in the mold plate.

Without nozzle heads, there is no contact between nozzle and mold at the transition between nozzle and manifold. Thus, neither warmth, nor forces are transferred to the mold plates. This can reduce energy consumption up to 20%, thereby reducing the risk of plate deformation, even at high processing temperatures. With less mold deformation, there is reduced wear on guide pins or centering devices.

Ready-to-Go Complete Systems

Unser-friendliness in service and maintenance is also enhanced by the concept of ready-to-go complete systems. As far as possible, all supply lines and connections are mounted onto the hot-runner system, so that it can be removed in one piece from the gap in the mold plate. This eliminates the need to remove and remount the lines in special grooves in the mold plate. In pneumatic needle valve systems, the air lines can be realized by drilling holes in the mold plate. Then the hot-runner system can simply be removed from the transfer points. If used with an integrated hot-runner, service work can be done on the machine.

Company profile

Incoe International

Carl-Zeiss-Straße 33
DE 63322 Rödermark
Tel.: 06074 8907-0
Fax: 06074 8907-310

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