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Next Model with Renewed Design


With ten machines on its own fair booth and eight additional lines on partner booths, Arburg GmbH + Co KG of Lossburg, Germany, will be demonstrating their view of cross-linked and flexible automated production, such as smart machines, the Arburg host computer system (ALS) and overall their Smart Services. Visual eye-catchers on the booth are the large-scale machines with renewed design and a further developed multi-touch machine control for more functionality and ergonomics. Topping off their trade show are applications of additive production by Arburg plastics freeforming (AKF).

A year after the world premiere and a successful test phase, the Allrounder 1120 H that broadened the clamping force range up to 6500 kN (a growth of 30 %) can be ordered anywhere in world after the Fakuma. Now also the Allrounder 920 H with 5000 kN clamping force ist presented in renewed design and with the so-called Gestica control. While the Allrounder 920 H will be producing a technical part at the Fakuma 2017, the Allrounder 1120 H will produce the Arburg-designed folding step stool familiar from the K 2016 as part of an turnkey solution in a 60 s cycle. Its eight individual parts are handled by a Multilift V 40 linear robot system and are assembled ready for use by a six-axis robot in an assembly station.

Arburgs new hybrid Allrounder 1120 H with 6500 kN clamping force with a adjusted design and new Gestica control (© Arburg)

Arburgs new hybrid Allrounder 1120 H with 6500 kN clamping force with a adjusted design and new Gestica control (© Arburg)

Rising costs, pressure for more efficiency and deadlines, a greater variety of versions for smaller production orders, and increasing automation are leading to processes that are becoming more and more complicated, but should be simple to manage and stay economical. For this topic, which is being discussed under the headings "Industry 4.0", "digital transformation", and "smart factory", one of the solutions are host computer systems like the ALS, as well as IT-solutions integrated in the production process by the manufacturers of injection molding machines.

Taking elastic wire ropes as an example, Arburg will show how customer wishes can be worked into the running injection molding process online. In this fair application, the visitor can choose from rubber bands in different lengths and colors, as well as end pieces in the combinations hook/hook, hook/eye, or eye/eye, and load his order directly on a terminal. A vertical Allrounder 375 V with a 4-fold mold (two cavities each for eyes and hooks) then produces the desired version from one shot to the next. The two corresponding cavities and hot-runner nozzles are controlled via sliders. A six-axis robot handles the inserts.

Arburg continues to emphasize the processing of liquid silicone and will demonstrate multi-component LSR/LSR on wristwatches. An electric two-component Allrounder 570 A is the center of the production cell. It takes 75 s cycle time to produce two bicolored bracelets from the LSR materials Silopren 2670 (hardness 70 Shore A) and 2620 (hardness Shore 20 A). The 2+2-fold mold comes from Rico Elastomere Projecting GmbH, the dosing system from Reinhardt Technik GmbH, and the temperature control from Regloplas AG. A Multilift V 15 assumes the challenging task of handling the slack parts. The finalization of the ready-to-use wristwatch takes place automatically with the assembly of the clockworks in tact with the injection molding.

The packaging version of an Allrounder 570 H specifically designed for thin-walled items will demonstrate a fast-running application for the packaging industry. In less than two seconds cycle-time, the production cell will produce four IML cups from PP. The mold, as well as the automation for inserting the IML labels, removal, and stacking of the 3.55 g decorated finished parts, is provided by Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG.

An Allrounder 370 E Golden Electric will demonstrate approaches to the precise and energy efficient production of sophisticated molded parts. In 20 s cycle time, four 8.5 g molded parts will be produced from mineral-filled PA6. Handling is perfomed by the Multilift Select linear robot system. A hydraulic two-component Allrounder 470 S will produce screens for car interiors on a 1+1-fold mold. This exhibit is also automated, specifically, with a Multilift H linear robot system.

In the Services department, a hybrid Allrounder 370 H will be the one used to introduce Arburg’s remote maintenance tool that enables rapid, efficient, and reliable online support. For this Smart Service, the Allrounder injection molding machine is equipped with a service router and integrated firewall. Online Support can analyze problems and optimize processing sequences efficiently.

With two Freeformer exhibits, Arburg will present innovations in the industrial additive production of functional single parts and small series from qualified standard granulates. Among the candidates are PP and armat 12, a water-soluble support material developed specifically for it. As an example, screw cap prototypes for the packaging branch will be molded from the semi-crystalline material. Users can also qualify their own original materials, such as are used for injection molding, and optimize the processing parameters to their own applications.

Fakuma 2017: Hall A3, booth 3100 and 3101

Company profile


DE 72290 Loßburg
Tel.: 07446 33-0
Fax: 07446 33-3365
E-mail: contact <AT>

Regloplas AG

Flurhofstr. 158
Tel.: +41 71282 5800
Fax: +41 71282 5840

Reinhardt-Technik GmbH & Co.

Waldheimstr. 3
DE 58566 Kierspe
Tel.: 02359 666-0
Fax: 02359 666-129

RICO Elastomere Projecting GmbH

Am Thalbach 8
Tel.: +43 7242 76460
Fax: +43 7242 76470

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