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Intelligent Machine Functions


The injection molding machine market is about to experience a further increase in energy efficiency. KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH, Munich, Germany, will be presenting its redesigned hydraulic concept for the high-precision 2-platen CX machines in the clamping force range of 2000 to 4200 kN. The manufacturer claims to have boosted the energy efficiency of the basic version by 10 %. The clamping movement offers potential savings of 40 % after a redesign of the flow dynamics in the clamping block. Further energy-savings potential of between 10 and 40 % is also provided by the BluePower Servo Drive. A positive side-effect of this energy optimization is a roughly 25 % extension in the oil service life. The reduction in damage to the oil has been by converting to a bypass oil filter/cooling system.

Energy savings of over 10 % are now possible with the CX series in the clamping force range of 2000 to 4200 kN (© KraussMaffei)

Under the clamping unit, the CX has space for peripheral devices and all kinds of demolding systems. KraussMaffei will be stressing the advantages of the 2-platen machine with the aid of special automation solutions, such as the inclusion of a conveyor belt within the machine housing. This saves a considerable amount of production space and thus basic costs.

Furthermore, KraussMaffei is playing a key role in implementing the principles of Industry 4.0 and has pooled its activities in relation to intelligent machines, integrated production processes and interactive services under the concept of "Plastics 4.0". One example is the expanded APC Plus feature. Introduced at Fakuma 2014, the APC feature (Adaptive Process Control) detects process fluctuations that can be caused by changing environmental conditions or fluctuating viscosity, and takes countermeasures automatically. In addition to melt processing, the expanded APC feature is now suitable for multi-component injection molding and processing of silicone.

Seamless traceability of components is also a focus of current applications at KraussMaffei. The company will illustrate this in a FiberForm application, which stores all quality-oriented process data (e. g. organic sheet heating curves or injection pressure curves). These are recorded in a database and individually documented on the component using QR codes.

The in-house DataXplorer, developed by KraussMaffei, is a new option for increasing productivity in plastics processing. This open system for detecting, analyzing and documenting comprehensive process data in injection molding and downstream stages can reduce the duration of system downtimes while improving quality and providing documentation at the same time, according to the manufacturer.

The methods of the fourth industrial revolution are also being brought to bear on service. Via a new interactive service platform based on the master computer interface Euromap 77 and OPC UA, the user can retrieve all relevant machine data at any time. The user can access the current machine and production data at any time via the live-monitoring feature.

Hall 15, booth C24 and C27

Company profile

KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH

Krauss-Maffei-Str. 2
DE 80997 München
Tel.: 089 8899-0
Fax: 089 8899-2206

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