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Gentle, yet Efficient Material Treatment

Appliance for Decontamination, Heating and Mixing

  • Critical rotary drum technique: the internal helix welded into the rotary drum, along with continuous rotation, provide for homogeneous material flow at defined residence time (© Kreyenborg)

  • Degassing and decontamination of PET recyclates: as an example of the technique of IR-Clean rotary drums, the IRD B 180/270-135 device will be on display (© Kreyenborg)

  • IR-Batch: heat treatment of raw materials in batch operation, not only for masterbatch crystallization and drying, but also for the treatment of materials such as PEEK, PAI or PEI (© Kreyenborg)

  • MBM high-speed mixer: With its volume of 500 l, it is particularly suited to mix masterbatch, compound or glass-fiber-reinforced pellets (© Kreyenborg)

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The devices on display at the booth of Kreyenborg GmbH in Senden, Germany, at this year’s K 2019, held in October in Düsseldorf, will mainly deal with the following three subjects:

  • Degassing and decontamination of PET recyclates by means of IR-Clean rotary drums, which are FDA- and EFSA- recommended.
  • Heat treatment in the discontinuous IR-Batch 90/100-30 dryer that serves to heat, crystalize, dry and coat plastic pellets.
  • Fast, yet gentle mixing in the devices of the MBM series.

In addition to appliance engineering, the engineering company considers as one of their core competences automated overall concepts to handle bulk materials.

Decontamination in IR-Clean Rotary Drums

Using no expensive vacuum technology, the operating principle of the rotary drum is based the homogenous flow of material at a defined residence time, thanks to the internal helix welded into the rotary drum and its continuous rotation (first-in/first-out principle). During this process, the material is thoroughly mixed and the surface is continuously exchanged, which is how the infrared elements sitting above the material bed can provide for fast and homogeneous heating. The company informs that suitability of the IR-Clean technique to decontaminate PET recyclates has been confirmed in a letter of non-objection by the American FDA office, as well as in several challenge tests that prove compliance with the requirements of the European EFSA regulations.


All over the world, states Kreyenborg, the IR-Batch technique has established itself for drying PET masterbatch, because the material can only be dried if crystalized at the same time. Otherwise the pellets may clot, which is an undesired effect. Therefore, there are mixing elements integrated into the drum of the drying aggregate. Thanks to the fact that temperature control is adaptable precisely to suit the respective requirements, the pellets can be crystallized in a gentle, but yet safe way. Heat is introduced directly via infrared radiation, thus shortening process times to 15 to 20 min.

MBM Mixer Series

The mixer on display is the smallest of the MBM series, which covers a range of volumes up to 20,000 l. According to manufacturer information, these high-speed mixers are highly accurate in mixing, and provide for gentle material treatment along with short residence times in the mixer, thanks to the large and slowly moving mixing screw. The large cover flap as well as one or several man holes, subject to the size of the respective model, enable easy cleaning. Available in mild or stainless steel, there are no dead spots in the mixer itself.

K 2019: Hall 9, booth A-55

Company profile

Kreyenborg Plant Technology GmbH & Co. KG

Messingweg 18
DE 48308 Senden
Tel.: 02597 93997-0
Fax: 02597 93997-60

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