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Expanded Post-Processing of Measurement Data

Quality Control for Plastics Injection Molding and 3D Printing

Product geometry is subject to systematic process-related deviations when plastics are injection molded or 3D-printed. FormCorrect is a software module for product optimization by largely automated correction of CAD models. It is integrated in WinWerth, the measurement software from Werth Messtechnik of Giessen, Germany, thereby enabling reduced development costs.

More Flexibility

This new additional feature is intended to offer even more flexibility. According to the company, this expansion of the visualization options provides increased ease of use. For checking parameter selection prior to correction, FormCorrect can show the relevant measuring points as well as the original and expected remaining deviations. The deviant element can also be shown and checked now, since the correct orientation of the measuring point cloud to the CAD model is a precondition for a good correction result.

In addition to the measuring points, further visualization options can be faded in and out. The resolution of the correction can be checked via the point selection cylinders. The arrows inside the cylinders show the particular deviation and can also be faded out for clearer presentation.

Non-functional elements, such as lettering and ejector marks, can be excluded from correction in the expanded version of FormCorrect. Several measurements can also be considered when the deviant element is calculated, thereby enabling efficient correction with few remaining deviations from the CAD model even in cases of strong process dispersion.

Correction Can Be Performed on All Desired Patches

Following parameter definition, correction can be performed on all desired patches. Separation of the two processes, the producer claims, results in a clearer overview of the correction process.

Correction can also be performed not only on the CAD workpiece model, but also directly on the workpiece. In this case as well, the measured deviations of the workpiece to the workpiece-model are mirrored on the model, since there is a corresponding surface in both models. This is the surface where workpiece and mold are in contact during injection molding.

Therefore, the only difference between corrections to the workpiece and to the workpiece model is whether material has to be removed or added. If, for example, the workpiece is too wide, material has to either be removed from the workpiece, or added to the mold.

Company profile

Werth Messtechnik GmbH

Siemensstr. 19
DE 35394 Gießen
Tel.: 0641 7938-0
Fax: 0641 7938-719

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