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Assisted and Produced in Many Ways

Engel at the Fakuma 2018

A fully electric e-cap 380 injection molding machine produces beverage closures in a cycle time of less than 2 s (© Engel)

For 2018, Engel Austria GmbH of Schwertberg, Austria, is presenting highly integrated production solutions for small lot sizes in order to image them with the same efficiency and economy as large series. One topic here is rapid mold changing. A six-axis robot and – in a premiere – a fully electric and tiebarless e-motion TL of the new class stands at the center of a production cell. Its 1200 kN locking force makes it the largest machine in its series. Thanks to the tiebarless design of the locking unit, it is especially suitable for large or bulky injection molds with many cavities or core pullers and guide bars. At the Fakuma, the machine will be combined with a special mold from Braunform GmbH that is equipped with a patented fast-changing mechanism.

By changing mold inserts fully automatically, various versions of a caliper gauge made from ABS will be produced here. So that as few rejects as possible are produced between insert changes, use is made of three assistance systems from the "inject 4.0" series. They regulate the volume of melt injected (iQ weight control), set the optimum locking force (iQ clamp control), and adapt the pump capacity of the temperature control units based on temperature differences (iQ flow control).

A duo 1060/350 injection molding machine will demonstrate developmental progress in the so-called Foilmelt technology by producing variously decorated, three-dimensionally complex sample parts. The process is realized together with partner companies Leonhard Kurz Stiftung & Co. KG, Schöfer GmbH and Isosport Verbundbauteile GmbH. The name "Foilmelt" designates a continuous IMD process (In-Mold Decoration) based on a roll-to-roll process. In addition to multilayer film systems with lacquer surface or embedded capacitive electronics, structured, back-lighted, and open pore systems such as wood can be formed and back-injection molded by this method.

Changes among different semifinished films can be done flexibly by a simple roll change, so that the process becomes interesting for widely varied production in small lot sizes. Among the target group are manufacturers of visual components for car interiors, the teletronic and white goods industries. At the same time, the guard housing newly developed by Engel will be presented in the production cell. It is available for all automated injection molding machines and integrated system solutions and features high flexibility, modularity, and simple assembly.

Engel’s e-cap series shortens the cycle time in the production of beverage closures. This is the only fully electric machine type on the market that is specialized for closure applications and is available in locking forces up to 4200 kN. At the Fakuma, an e-cap 380 will simultaneously produce 72 HDPE closures with a diameter of 26 mm (incl. originality band) in a production cell with integrated dry-air and camera testing systems in less than 2 s. According to the manufacturer, with optimized movements the machine achieves a cycle time of approx. 1.4 s in dry running. At the same time, the machine boasts the very low power consumption of 0.4 kW/h per kilogram of granulate processed.

FakumA Hall A5, booth 5204

Company profile

Braunform GmbH Kunststoff- und Pharmatechnik

Unter Gereuth 14
DE 79353 Bahlingen
Tel.: 07663 9320-0
Fax: 07663 9320-139


Ludwig-Engel-Straße 1
Tel.: +43 50 620-0
Fax: +43 50 6203009
E-mail: sales <AT>

Leonhard Kurz Stiftung & Co. KG

Schwabacher Str. 482
DE 90763 Fürth
Tel.: 0911 7141-0
Fax: 0911 7141357

Schöfer GmbH

Furth 17
Tel.: +43 07262 62844-0
Fax: +43 07262 62844-6

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