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Automatic Calculation of the Measurement Uncertainty

KiXact from Kistler

In combination with the KiStudio Lab software, KiXact makes the calculation and evaluation of measurement uncertainty possible (© Kistler)

Up to now, for reasons of time or cost, many measurement engineers have completely dispensed with determining measurement uncertainty. This is because the calculations are complicated and time-consuming, and the results often difficult to evaluate. With KiXact, Kistler Group, Winterthur, Switzerland, is now offering the first technology that enables measurement uncertainty to be reliably and automatically calculated and interpreted intuitively by the user.

Kistler has developed a simple, precise and fast solution for calculating measurement uncertainty. As part of the KiDAQ data acquisition system, the KiXact technology automatically calculates measurement uncertainty. The results can be analyzed using the KiStudio Lab software provided. External influencing factors such as ambient temperature and humidity for the respective measurement are stored in the program and included in the KiXact calculation. Because the company supplies the complete measurement chain, KiXact is already adjusted to the relevant setup and associated sensors.

Measurements combined with flexibility: KiXact is part of the data acquisition system KiDAQ (© Kistler)

According to the company KiXact offers customers from different areas an uncomplicated solution and can deliver more than just a tolerance interval. The analysis recognizes early which factors in the measurement chain are influencing the measurement, giving operators the opportunity to adjust parameters accordingly. This results in more meaningful measurements of higher quality and with less uncertainty.

Uncertainties Are Relevant for Every Measurement

An uncertainty of measurement is not an exception – every measurement result in research and industry is associated with a certain degree of inaccuracy. Even small fluctuations in the ambient temperature can lead to deviations that make the result unreliable and unusable. Whenever decisions are based on a measurement result, it is important to have an indication of the quality. Thus the knowledge of the respective measurement uncertainty is indispensable in achieving meaningful results.

The more components the measurement chain contains, the more complex the determination of uncertainty becomes, as every potential influencing factor needs to be taken into account. Up to now, it has been necessary to review the respective data sheet for each possible source of uncertainty, check individual specifications and – in addition to external influences – include them in the calculation. Both the calculation itself and the subsequent evaluation of the data require extended specialist knowledge and a great deal of experience. This procedure requires a considerable effort. To keep the measurement processes economical and manageable on the one hand, in many cases generous assumptions are made or the calculation of the uncertainty is even omitted completely. On the other hand, if an excessive allowance is made for the uncertainty, this has a negative influence on the cost-efficiency of the entire process. Where measurement uncertainty can be reliably determined, tolerance limits can be defined more narrowly and the process is more efficient as a consequence.

The KiDAQ Data Acquisition System

The KiDAQ data acquisition system is modular in terms of both hardware and software. Kistler offers a wide range of measurement modules as well as various analog and digital inputs. The modules are available in three different housing variants. Multiple measuring devices can be combined and are precisely time-synchronized. Furthermore the measurement platform based on cloud-technologies enables extensions for future applications, even through partner companies.

Additional information
  • Published in Kunststoffe international 2019/5

    More Transparency in Plastics Processing

    Modular Industry 4.0 Solutions from Kistler

    The ComoNeo process monitoring system enables a holistic optimization of injection molding production   more

    Kistler Instrumente GmbH

  • 02-12-2019

    Company Strengthens Presence in China

    Kistler Opens Office in Shanghai

    The new office is located in the Shanghai-Hongqiao Business Park nearby China's National Exhibition and Convention Center. With an area of about 4200 m2 , the seven-story building accommodates workplaces for about 100 employees.   more

Company profile

Kistler Instrumente AG

Eulachstr. 22
Tel.: +41 52 2241111
Fax: +41 52 2241414

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