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  • Published on 02-15-2019

    Impact Copolymer for Comsumer Goods from Sabic

    PP Portfolio ist Growing

    An alternative to ABS materials is the impact copolymer (ICP) grade Sabic PP PPA20. It is targeted at home appliances as well as cosmetics, furniture and other household consumer goods.   more

    SABIC Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

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  • Published on 12-06-2018

    Flame-Retardant Structural Adhesive Delo-Duopox AB8162

    Lightweight Construction in Aircraft Interiors

    No other industry relies as heavily on lightweight design as aviation does. On the one hand, optimum strength is crucial, on the other hand, weight must be kept to a minimum. For reliable joining elements, a structural adhesive has now been developed that meets the specifications of the aircraft industry.   more

    DELO Industrie Klebstoffe GmbH & Co. KGaA

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  • Published on 12-03-2018

    Die Changing Cart from Roemeld

    For Medium to High Loads

    Pressing and punching dies as well as molds can be transported using a Roemheld die changing cart. Four ergonomic types with safety equipment are available for loads of up to 1,600 kg.   more

    Hilma-Römheld GmbH

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  • Published on 11-27-2018

    Film Solutions for Forgery-Proof ID Documents

    New Generation of TPU for Passport Hinges

    New film solutions for the production of security cards help to fend off counterfeit attempts.   more

    Covestro Deutschland AG

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  • Published on 11-22-2018

    Songwon Strengthens Range of Stabilizers

    For Fexible Polyurethane Slabstock Foams, Elastomers and Hot Melt Adhesives

    To strengthen its range of stabilizers for polyols and polyurethane, Songwon has developed and launched a new antioxidant, Songnox 5057.   more

    Songwon International AG

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  • Published on 11-21-2018

    Breathable Body Protectors from Kraiburg TPE

    Padding Using Flexible Thermoplastic Elastomer Compound

    The French company Hexaflex has developed a patented padding technology based on hexagonal-pyramidal shapes molded with TPE. The thermoplastic elastomer compound from Kraiburg TPE provides the flexibility, light weight and full articulation characteristics of the modular system.   more


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  • Published on 11-19-2018

    With Auroom to Digitized Automotive Colors

    Photo-Realistic Visualization

    Auroom is the portal to a database of authentic, digitized automotive colors. Virtual coatings including complex effects can immediately be mapped on any 3D geometry for color assessment.   more

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  • Published on 11-13-2018

    3D Printing Filament in Implant-Grade Quality

    Evonik Develops PEEK Filament for Medical Use

    As the world's first manufacturer, Evonik has developed an implant-grade PEEK filament for 3D printing that meets all regulatory requirements for medical applications.   more

    Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH

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  • Published on 11-08-2018

    Flexible Electronics in Plastic Materials

    Aiju and Aimplas Develop Large-Surface Pressure Sensors

    The project Flexsens, in which Aimplas and Aiju are involved, will develop flexible and large-surface pressure sensors to integrate new functionalities in the toy sector.   more

    AIMPLAS Instituto Tecnológico del Plástico

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  • Published on 11-06-2018

    New Generation of PET Thermoforming Sheet Lines

    Reifenhäuser Combines Improved Components

    In 2013, Reifenhäuser introduced the high-performance extrusion lines for PET thermoforming sheets with the patented mechatronic polishing stacks. Now Reifenhäuser introduces the next generation of this line type.   more

    Reifenhäuser Cast Sheet Coating GmbH & Co. KG

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1 to 10 from 1,268 Products

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