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SPE Names Winners of Environmental Stewardship Awards

The Plastics Environmental Division (PED) of Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) is proud to announce that the winners of our 2013 Environmental Stewardship Awards are Hilex Poly, MCS Industries, Interfacial Solutions, Avery Dennison, Infiltrator Systems, Mondelez, and General Motors.

These awards recognize corporations and other institutions that have demonstrated environmental leadership and excellence, through significant achievements in the respective categories.

  • Hilex Poly Co. LLC (Hartsville, SC, USA). Hilex Poly, the largest manufacturer of plastic carryout bags in North America, has invested significantly in the optimal sustainable solution for plastic bags and films by creating and operating the largest closed loop recycling plant in its industry. The award in the category of “Plastic Recycling Technologies and Applications” recognizes Hilex Poly’s leadership in consumer plastic bag recycling.
  • MCS Industries, Inc (Easton, PA, USA). MCS converts often difficult to recycle, post-consumer scrap materials such as expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam packaging and large printer cartridges into designer picture frames. MCS has developed an innovative process to make use of materials that would be otherwise end up in landfill. MCS Industries, Inc, receives the award in the category of “Plastic Recycling Technologies and Applications” in converting challenging recyclate streams into consumer products.
  • Interfacial Solutions (River Falls, WI, USA). Interfacial Solutions’ hyper-branching technology has been shown to effectively counteract any foreseeable issues with molecular weight loss due to the hydrolytic degradation of RPLA during melt processing--thereby permitting, for the first time, the possibility of repeated melt processing without pre-drying. Interfacial Solutions is being recognized in this demanding area in the award category “Plastics from Renewables”for the development of reactive hyper-branching technology to enhance recycling of PLA.
  • Avery Dennison (Pasadena, CA, USA). Avery Dennison’s Bottle-to-Bottle Portfolio for PET Recyclability was designed as a solution to address the impact of labels on PET bottle recyclability. These newly developed pressure sensitive adhesive label products can help brands adhere to design for recycling guidelines so that their PET bottles can be easily collected and do not contribute to contamination and yield loss of the RPET supply. For Avery Dennison’s successful development of pressure sensitive labels for PET bottles for more efficient recycling they will receive the “Design for Sustainability”award.
  • Infiltrator Systems Inc., (Old Saybrook, CT, USA). Infiltrator Systems is a company where technology complements nature's own processes for recycling wastewater. Infiltrator products and services improve the performance of onsite systems by delivering greater infiltrative capacity, ensuring higher quality installations and making more efficient use of space. For Infiltrator’s large scale recycling of waste plastics for innovative soil and water purification applications they are the recipient of this year’s “Chairman’s Award”.
  • Mondelez International, Inc. (Deerfield, IL, USA). Mondelez is the world’s largest chocolate, biscuit, candy and powdered beverage company and the second largest in coffee and gum. Since 2010, measured against total production, Mondelez has cut packaging by 20,500 metric tons (about 45 million pounds), increased sustainable sourcing of agricultural commodities by 36%, eliminated about 20 million kilometers of travel miles, cut energy by 3%, CO2 emissions by 6%, water use by 3% and manufacturing waste by 18%. For their leadership efforts in bioplastic sourcing, sustainable packaging & farming and reduction in resources used in manufacturing, Mondelez is awarded the “Daniel Eberhardt Environmental Stewardship Award”.
  • General Motors (Detroit, MI, USA). General Motors is committed to continuously reducing the environmental impact of its vehicles and facilities. Currently, the company recycles 90 percent of its global manufacturing waste and has 103 landfill-free facilities with a goal to increase that number to 125 sites by 2020. Based on GM’s un-matched commitment to the reduction of landfill and the creative solutions for plastic and part re-use, they are awarded the “Daniel Eberhardt Environmental Stewardship Award”.

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