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PolyCert Europe Harmonizes Certification Schemes

Compliance Scheme for Coverters of Polymeric Material



Centexbel-VKC, the Belgian competence centre of plastics and textile, and the Belgian Quality Association (BQA) established a consortium PolyCert Europe in partnership with the industry associations ECRA, EuPC and ESWA. The objective of the consortium is to set up a EU-level third party quality compliance scheme for converters of polymeric materials and to harmonize the methodology for calculation of recycled content used by existing certification schemes in Europe.

Such harmonization is much needed to ensure compliance with the relevant standards and regulations and to stimulate circular economy.

Setting International Standards

PolyCert Europe compliance scheme will help companies to verify the compliance with quality standards and to ensure their products live up to customer specifications regardless of whether they use virgin polymers or recycled polymers. At the same time, the objective is to provide converters with a quality certification and verification of recycled content in converted products.

The compliance scheme is based on the principles of third-party auditing. Such auditing work must by definition be done by an auditing system based on a network of accreditation certification bodies and independent auditors to ensure impartiality and credibility. The European network of accredited certification bodies will ensure a harmonized implementation of the PolyCert Europe scheme across Europe.

PolyCert Europe has been established to form an umbrella compliance scheme setting an international standard. It is complementary to and aims at harmonizing the existing certification schemes (e.g. Plastica Seconda Vita, RAL, AENOR, etc.).

The consortium of partners is open to any interested stakeholders being it national or sector plastic converters associations. If your organization is interested in joining PolyCert Europe, please contact PolyCert Europe.


PolyCert Europe
Avenue de Cortenbergh 71
1000 Brussels/Belgium
Tel.: +32 2 732 41 24
info <AT>

Additional information
  • 10-14-2020

    Canada Requires Labelling of Plastics as Toxic

    Plastics Industry Association Warns of Consequences

    PLASTICS is responding to the Canadian government's announcement to ban plastics and introduce mandatory labelling as toxic.   more

  • 10-13-2020

    Digital Platform for European Recycling

    Collaboration Between EuPC and Circularise Plastics

    EuPC and Circularise Plastics Group are cooperating to further develop the digital platform for monitoring the rate of plastics recycling activities in Europe and are looking for further development partners for the More and Circularise platforms.   more

  • 10-02-2020

    Sustainable Design of Plastic Packaging

    Europe-Wide Proof of Recyclability

    How well is plastic packaging suitable for recycling? As the official certification body of the RecyClass initiative plastship offers a Europe-wide proof of the recyclability of plastic packaging.   more

Company profile

EuPC European Plastics Converters

Avenue de Cortenbergh 71
Tel.: +32 2 732-4124
Fax: +32 2 732-4218

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