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Canada Requires Labelling of Plastics as Toxic

Plastics Industry Association Warns of Consequences



The Canadian government announced bans on plastic products, labeling the hygienic material ‘toxic'. Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) President & CEO Tony Radoszewski warned the new regulation contradicts established science and could undermine the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), harming jobs and economic growth.

“The action being taken by the leaders in Ottawa to ban and label plastics as toxic is an irresponsible ploy to create a workaround Provincial authority relating to plastics legislation. By designating plastics as ‘toxic,’ the Canadian government is recklessly making policy that could have significant negative impacts on human health“, says Radoszewsk.

Plastic Items are Safe

“Simply put, the single-use plastic items we use every day are not toxic, but in fact are lifesaving. For over 50 years and investing tens of millions of dollars, we and our members have been working with federal agencies to clearly demonstrate the non-toxicity and safety of plastics.“

“It’s even more apparent today that plastic gloves, face masks, hospital gowns, as well as drug packaging and complex medical devices, have been critical to combatting the pandemic. Single serve utensils, containers and carryout bags have allowed restaurants to remain open and serve the needs of their customers. Furthermore, plastic packaging helps to ensure freshness and quality of foods and to prevent food waste; bottles use fewer greenhouse gas emissions and less energy than other materials; and products like flexible pouches produce much less waste and take less energy to make than other materials“, the CEO of PLASTICS explains.

Bans Don't Solve the Problem

“Placing a ban on plastic products will have a tremendous impact on our environment, public health and economic growth. And as is typically noticed with overreaching government mandates such as this, no alternative options are mentioned that will continue to meet the needs and protect the safety of the population“, explains Tony Radoszewski.

“Everyone can agree that plastic waste, or any waste for that matter, does not belong in the environment. Our industry is leading the development of solutions for proper disposal, collection, recycling, reuse and repurposing that will address environmental concerns while allowing people to continue benefitting from this amazing material. Bans are the wrong answer. Educating consumers on the benefits of plastics and how to properly dispose of them is the right answer.”

Additional information
  • 10-06-2020

    PLASTICS: 2020 Size & Impact Report

    Plastics Industry 8th Largest in U.S.

    The plastics industry is a key part of the American economy, accounting for an estimated $432 billion in shipments and over a million workers in 2019, according to the 2020 Size & Impact Report, an annual publication of the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS).   more

  • 09-02-2020

    Danimer Scientific and Wincup are Winners of the 2020 Innovation in Bioplastics Award

    Development of a Backyard compostable and marine-biodegradable Straw

    The Plastics Industry Association (Plastics) Bioplastics Division announced Danimer Scientific and WinCup as the joint winners of the 2020 Innovation in Bioplastics Award. Together they developed the first commercially sold straws made of polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), a material verified as a reliable biodegradable alternative to traditional plastic.   more

  • 07-08-2020

    USMCA Implementation Strengthens Plastics Sector Positioning

    PLASTICS Supports USMCA Implementation

    The implementation of the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA) strengthens plastics sector positioning for continued cooperation and growth. Key North American industries rely upon plastics for production and innovation   more

  • 07-02-2020

    Promising Results from Asphalt Research Project

    Study Shows Market Opportunities for Recycled Polyethylene Film

    The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) released promising results from its New End Market Opportunities (NEMO) for Film Asphalt Project in partnership with the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT).   more

  • 06-02-2020

    PLASTICS Releases New Safety Standard For Plastic Sheet and Film Machinery

    Expanded Scope, Additional Definitions

    The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) announced on Mai 18, 2020 that its Machinery Safety Standards Committee has released a new American National Standards Institute-accredited safety standard for Plastic Sheet and Film Machinery.   more

  • 03-19-2020

    Plastics Industry Association Meetings Cancelled

    Precautions against the Spread of Coronavirus

    The 2020 Spring National Board Meeting and the Plastics Industry Fly-In on March 24 – 26 in Washington, D.C. are cancelled. Some aspects will be moved to a virtual platform at a future date.   more

  • 03-02-2020

    Plastics Machinery Shipments Stayed Low in 2019

    Plastics Industry Association about Fourth Quarter Uptick

    While the shipments of injection molding rose 9.6% in the fourth quarter, single- and twin-screw extruders shipments decreased 0.9% and 7.7%, respectively.   more

  • 02-17-2020

    Annual Re|focus Sustainability Innovation Awards

    Plastics Industry Association Presents the Winners

    Accredo Packaging, Vartega and Eastman Win the second Annual Re|focus Sustainability Innovation Awards. These Awards celebrate innovations driving environmental advantages in the plastics industry   more

Company profile

Plastics Industry Association

1425 K St., NW, Suite 500
Tel.: +1 202 9745200
Fax: +1 202 2967005

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