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Bioplastics Magazine Names Award Winners

At the presentation of the Bioplastics Awards: Nick Schaude - Swiss Coffee Company, Werner Oelschlager - Zandonella, Michael Thielen - bioplastics Magazine (from left, figure: B. Zabel, European Bioplastics)

This year the Bioplastics Award, presented by bioplastics Magazine, was again (after 2012) given to two companies: German ice cream company Zandonella received the prize for their packaging made from BioFoam, a PLA particle foam. The other winner is the Swiss Coffee Company for their Beanarella coffee capsules.

The five judges from the academic world, the press and industry associations from America, Europe and Asia have chosen the two winners in a head-to-head race. Both proposals had the same number of points. For the judges it was significant that both packaging related developments represent a kind of holistic approaches that not only look at the single packaging item itself. The prize was be awarded to the two winners on December 2nd, 2014 during the 9th European Bioplastics Conference in Brussels, Belgium.

The Winners

Zandonella GmbH from Landau, Germany, was awarded for the development of Sandro’s Bio Box, a 500 ml box made of BioFoam for gourmet ice-cream. As the first ice cream company to do so, Zandonella introduced the box made of expanded PLA particle foam from Synbra. In addition, all other packaging components are made of renewable raw materials, and all are appropriate for industrial composting. Further parts of the packaging concept are: paper wrap, shrink film (also for tamper evidence) made of PLA, label made of cellulose or PLA, PLA inlay, as well as coating film made of PLA.

The Swiss Coffee Company from Widnau, Switzerland, received the award for the development of their Beanarella compostable coffee capsules. In cooperation with BASF SE, Ludwigshafen, Germany, the Swiss Coffee Company introduced a system that consists of a coffee capsule made from ecovio IS1335 and an aroma tight outer packaging which is predominantly based on renewable resources. Other than the existing coffee-capsule producers the Swiss Coffee Company pursued a holistic approach paying attention on the whole life-cycle of the product. This includes the capsule, the high barrier film, the filter medium and the coffee machine as well as composting and anaerobic digestion scenarios for the end of life.

The other finalists were:

  • Supla (SuQian) New Materials Co. (China) with their SUPLA 158, a new grade of modified PLA, that not only fits the requirements of durability, ease of manufacture and assembly, plus shock resistance, but also has anti-bacterial properties.
  • Rodenburg (The Netherlands) with a starch-based three dimensional biodegradable structure specifically for use in the improvement of dwellings.
  • UHU (Germany) with the first glue-stick with a plant-based container

For the first time the trophy of the Bioplastics Award itself exhibits a bioplastics aspect too. The plaques given to the winners feature a new Bioplastics Award logo that was 3-D printed using a filament based on a PLA/PHA blend.

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