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Italian Packaging Machinery on Growth Path

The Italian packaging machinery industry presents itself in excellent condition. According to data collected by the research department of UCIMA (the sector’s Confindustria-affiliated trade association), all the sector’s main indicators showed strong growth at the end of 2016.

Total turnover exceeded EUR 6.6 billion, 6.6% up on 2015. Exports generated 80% of turnover and climbed by 5.8% to EUR 5.3 billion, while the Italian market surged to EUR 1.3 billion (up 9.8% year on year). The number of companies operating in the sector also increased, reaching 601 compared to the 588 of 2015, and employment rose by 1,738 (+6.2%) to a total of 29,644 people.

At UCIMA's press conference the latest figures for the Italian packaging machinery industry were presented (© UCIMA)

Results in International Markets

The Italian industry maintains an extensive presence in international markets and is contending the leadership in innovation and market presence with German companies. One machine out of every five sold worldwide is made in Italy.

The European Union remains the most important market, accounting for 37.2% of total turnover (EUR 1,969.8 million ). Asia is second with a value of EUR 1,236 million and a 23.4% share of turnover. The important North American market ranks third with EUR 593.4 million (11.2%). Next come South America (EUR 507.6 million; 9.6%), non-EU Europe (EUR 495.6 million; 9.4%) and Africa and Oceania (EUR 490.9 million; 9.2%). The United States, France and Germany remain the top three individual countries, followed by Poland, UK, Spain, China, Turkey, Mexico and Russia.

Italian domestic sales are continuing the positive performance of recent years, with a further boost provided by the government’s Industry 4.0 incentive scheme launched in the second half of last year. The 9.8% growth in 2016 was followed by a further 6.5% upturn in the first quarter of the current year.

Client Sectors

As for the breakdown of turnover amongst the various client sectors, food and beverage maintained its dominant position in 2016 accounting for 57.4% of total turnover. Even taken individually, the two sub-sectors head the rankings. Food was the largest client sector in 2016, making up 29.8% of total turnover (EUR 1,970 million) and with an export share of 75%. Beverage was second with 27.6% of total turnover, with exports making up 85% of the segment’s sales.

Next is the “Others” segment, which includes packaging machinery for tobacco, tissue, etc., with EUR 1,156 million (17.5% of the total) and an export share of 83%, followed by the pharmaceutical machinery sector with EUR 1,114 million (16.9% of the total) and an export share of 80%.

At the bottom of the rankings are the cosmetics and chemicals segments with turnovers of respectively EUR 271 million and 268 million and amongst the lowest export percentages, 74% and 77%. Cosmetics is the segment with the largest share of Italian sales (26%), while beverage is the most strongly export oriented (85%).

“We are very confident that in 2017 our sector will maintain the growth trend that has been under way for several years,” said UCIMA’s Chairman Enrico Aureli. “The initial data available for the first quarter of the year reveal 13% growth in the sector’s turnover,” he added.

Company profile

UCIMA Italian Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association

Via Fossa Buracchione 84
Tel.: +39 059 512-146


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