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Current issue 2018/04

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  • Routes to Cooperation in a Global World
    Kunststoffe international 2018/04, PAGE 3

    Routes to Cooperation in a Global World


    International guidelines have long set the tone in our global economy. And nowhere more so than in medical technology, where approval...   more

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  • Contents
    Kunststoffe international 2018/04, PAGE 4



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  • What’s in Store for U.S. Plastics Manufacturing?
    Kunststoffe international 2018/04, PAGE 6 - 11

    What’s in Store for U.S. Plastics Manufacturing?

    U.S. Manufacturing Will Continue to Grow Helped by Technology and a Global Economy

    Although the U.S. plastics industry is mature, several factors could put U.S. plastics manufacturing growth in high gear. Only the U.S....   more

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  • "Only Cooperation Can Get Us Ahead"
    Kunststoffe international 2018/04, PAGE 12 - 16

    "Only Cooperation Can Get Us Ahead"

    Interview with Dr. Karlheinz Bourdon on the Occasion of His Induction into the "Plastics Hall of Fame"

    Leading up to the NPE, the Plastics Academy is inducting ten new members into its "Plastics Hall of Fame" this year, among them Dr....   more

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    We offer you this article for download free of charge with the kind assistance of KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH

  • Precision Work in the Service of Patients
    Kunststoffe international 2018/04, PAGE 18 - 20

    Precision Work in the Service of Patients

    High Performance Molds for Plastic Products in Diabetes Therapy

    Precisely, reliably and in large quantities, Schöttli AG constructs high-performance injection molds for challenging applications in...   more

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  • Unconventional Solutions Called for
    Kunststoffe international 2018/04, PAGE 21 - 23

    Unconventional Solutions Called for

    Arburg Designs Tailored Plant Concepts for B. Braun

    A traditional, family-run company with locations around the world and a high degree of in-house production, which developed within the...   more

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  • Cutting Edge Technology
    Kunststoffe international 2018/04, PAGE 24 - 27

    Cutting Edge Technology

    Otto Klumpp: DLC-Coated Standards in Cleanroom Production

    Otto Klumpp GmbH has for many years processed, for example, highly transparent PC and high-performance plastics such as PPSU into...   more

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  • Hot Printer
    Kunststoffe international 2018/04, PAGE 28 - 31

    Hot Printer

    Individualized Implants Made from High Performance Polymers via Additive Manufacturing

    For individualized implants, mainly powder-based processes with titanium alloys are used in additive manufacturing. However, PEEK would...   more

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  • Main Arteries from the Printer
    Kunststoffe international 2018/04, PAGE 32 - 34

    Main Arteries from the Printer

    The Medical Center of the University of Mainz Improves Vascular Surgery with 3D Printed Patient Specific Models

    When surgeons operate on the aorta, they generally rely on computer tomographic images. For the first time, a team at the Medical Center of...   more

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  • Powerful Demonstration
    Kunststoffe international 2018/04, PAGE 35 - 36

    Powerful Demonstration

    Coextrusion of Venous Catheters with Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

    Coextrusion can be used to manufacture a catheter tube of thermoplastic polyurethane with active ingredients incorporated into the thin...   more

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  • The VDI Guideline  "Medical Grade Plastics"
    Kunststoffe international 2018/04, PAGE 37 - 39

    The VDI Guideline "Medical Grade Plastics"

    Clarity and Mandatory Procedures for Plastics in Medical Products

    Selecting the right material is already a challenging procedure for developers, and is even more difficult for medical products: In...   more

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  • Premium Class Packaging
    Kunststoffe international 2018/04, PAGE 40 - 42

    Premium Class Packaging

    A Combination Process Integrates Product Protection with Cost Efficiency

    With an economic manufacturing process, Greiner Packaging achieves an especially high quality in the production of plastic packaging. The...   more

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  • Gimme Five!
    Kunststoffe international 2018/04, PAGE 43 - 44

    Gimme Five!

    Steps towards the Digitalization of Extrusion Lines

    Reifenhäuser is currently developing a digital toolbox consisting of five interacting modules. It is to pave the way for plastic processors...   more

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  • Cleaning the Lungs
    Kunststoffe international 2018/04, PAGE 45 - 49

    Cleaning the Lungs

    The Processor Paritec Combines Materials and Functions in 2-Component Injection Molding

    While it is not entirely common practice, just about everyone has inhaled before. In modern inhalation devices, sophisticated 2-component...   more

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  • Balancing Act between Viscosity  and Stiffness
    Kunststoffe international 2018/04, PAGE 50 - 51

    Balancing Act between Viscosity and Stiffness

    Glass-Fiber-Reinforced ABS in Healthcare Applications

    Novodur HD M203FC G3 is the first glass-fiber-filled ABS polymer grade which is certified as biocompatible. The grade delivers a...   more

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  • Benchmark for Plasticizers
    Kunststoffe international 2018/04, PAGE 52 - 55

    Benchmark for Plasticizers

    Phthalate-Free Plasticizer for Flexible PVC on the Test Stand

    The properties of polyvinyl chloride are adjusted using plasticizers for many applications. Phthalate-free plasticizers can keep pace here...   more

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  • Rating the Chemical Resistance
    Kunststoffe international 2018/04, PAGE 57

    Rating the Chemical Resistance

    Tips and Hints on the Campus Material Database

    The Campus material database has been a source of comparative material data for industry decision-makers for over 25 years. The...   more

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  • Preview
    Kunststoffe international 2018/04, PAGE 58


    Topics of the Next Issue:


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