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Current issue 2017/10

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  • Contact the Manufacturers about Risks and Side-Effects
    Kunststoffe international 2017/10, PAGE 3

    Contact the Manufacturers about Risks and Side-Effects


    On September 1, the contracts had been negotiated, the legal niceties clarified and approvals obtained. The road was clear for the merger...   more

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  • Contents
    Kunststoffe international 2017/10, PAGE 4



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  • Success through Technical Progress
    Kunststoffe international 2017/10, PAGE 6

    Success through Technical Progress

    Plastics Manufacturers in Germany Are Well Prepared for Competition

    Staying still is moving backwards. This is what plastics manufacturers, as long-standing sponsors of rowing, sailing, and canoeing, have...   more

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  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
    Kunststoffe international 2017/10, PAGE 8 - 13

    Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

    Advanced and Sustainable Properties for the Construction, Automotive and Consumer Goods Industry

    PVC stands out for its great versatility, but users’ requirements are also rising. It is therefore increasingly important to carefully...   more

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    We offer you this article for download free of charge with the kind assistance of Vinnolit GmbH & Co. KG

  • Polypropylene (PP)
    Kunststoffe international 2017/10, PAGE 14 - 19

    Polypropylene (PP)

    News and Trends from the Reactor to the Recycled Material

    Polyolefin is versatile in application and exhibits a consistently high growth rate. The increasingly better understanding of the...   more

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  • Polyamide 6 and 66 (PA6 and PA66)
    Kunststoffe international 2017/10, PAGE 20 - 26

    Polyamide 6 and 66 (PA6 and PA66)

    Improved Material Properties Pave the Way to New Fields of Application

    Major trends in the leading fields of application are driving sales of PA6 and 66 – for instance industry 4.0 in the electrical/electronics...   more

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  • Polycarbonate (PC)
    Kunststoffe international 2017/10, PAGE 28 - 32

    Polycarbonate (PC)

    The Hotspot of Asia is Driving Global Consumption in Molding Compound, Sheet and Film

    Almost two thirds of global polycarbonate sales are made to the Asian economic area. The growth drivers are the automotive industry, the...   more

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  • Polyoxymethylene (POM)
    Kunststoffe international 2017/10, PAGE 34 - 38

    Polyoxymethylene (POM)

    In Demand in Engineering Branches for its Mechanical and Sliding Friction Properties

    The automotive industry, medical technology, and electric and electronic devices continue to be growth areas for the engineering plastic...   more

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  • Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA)
    Kunststoffe international 2017/10, PAGE 39 - 42

    Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA)

    Advances in LED Technology Bring Continuing Solid Market Growth

    The trend to plastics specialties that are independent of the economic cycle is continuing and boosting demand in the PMMA market. Strong...   more

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  • Polyetheretherketones (PEEK)
    Kunststoffe international 2017/10, PAGE 43 - 45

    Polyetheretherketones (PEEK)

    Versatile Material for Cross-Industry Performance Parts

    Many companies constantly need to make crucial decisions on materials. Are the outcomes they are looking to achieve being met by...   more

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  • Polyurethanes (PU)
    Kunststoffe international 2017/10, PAGE 46 - 51

    Polyurethanes (PU)

    Demand in Established Markets and Growing Prosperity in Emerging Markets Are Boosting Sales

    Global PU consumption is currently enjoying constant, robust growth across all application areas. CO2-based polyols are now entering...   more

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  • Reactive Systems and FRP
    Kunststoffe international 2017/10, PAGE 52 - 56

    Reactive Systems and FRP

    Fiber-Reinforced Plastics Are Shaping the Future of Mobility, Energy Supply and Infrastructure

    The industry is predicting good times ahead. New lightweight design products are being created by means of hybrid material technologies and...   more

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  • Previously Unheard-of Technology with Even More Potential
    Kunststoffe international 2017/10, PAGE 57 - 61

    Previously Unheard-of Technology with Even More Potential

    Inductive Mold Heat-Balancing: From Full Mold Surface Replication to Material Savings

    Inductive mold heat-balancing in injection molding machinery is an "all-around talent". It can be used to remove typical visual defects,...   more

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    We offer you this article for download free of charge with the kind assistance of KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH

  • Chrome or Not Chrome?
    Kunststoffe international 2017/10, PAGE 62 - 64

    Chrome or Not Chrome?

    Kunststoff Helmbrechts Gives an Overview of all Available Surface Treatment Technologies and their Advantages

    Whether automobiles, shower bath fittings, or furniture handles: Surfaces with a metallic appearance are found everywhere. Mostly, the...   more

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  • The Right Touch Required
    Kunststoffe international 2017/10, PAGE 65 - 66

    The Right Touch Required

    Automated Injection Molding of 3D Touch Panels at Hoefer & Sohn

    Touch-sensitive films, which previously only worked on flat surfaces, are now also available in three-dimensional for curved components....   more

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  • 3D-Print with Affordable Pellets
    Kunststoffe international 2017/10, PAGE 67 - 70

    3D-Print with Affordable Pellets

    A Novel Type of Print Head Gives Fresh Impetus to the FDM Branch

    Is there a quantum leap on the horizon for 3D printing? The prototype of a newly developed 3D printer is able to process commercial pellets...   more

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  • How Many Layers Are Enough?
    Kunststoffe international 2017/10, PAGE 71 - 75

    How Many Layers Are Enough?

    Properties of Multi-Layer Stretch Films Compared

    Ever since pallet stretch wrap was introduced, the number of layers in high-performance films has been steadily rising. But how many layers...   more

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  • À la Carte Input
    Kunststoffe international 2017/10, PAGE 76 - 79

    À la Carte Input

    Producing Sheet from Different Input Materials

    Despite fluctuations in the quality of input materials, end products are expected to meet high quality standards, especially in the food...   more

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  • Adhesion Promoter for Unequal Pairs
    Kunststoffe international 2017/10, PAGE 80 - 83

    Adhesion Promoter for Unequal Pairs

    Primer Joins Metal and Plastic Components with Adhesive Bond

    Plastic/metal hybrid structures for industrial applications have been established for years, e. g. for front-end carriers in automotive...   more

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  • Understanding Flame-Retardant  Grades Better
    Kunststoffe international 2017/10, PAGE 84 - 87

    Understanding Flame-Retardant Grades Better

    Efficient and Meaningful Fire Tests for Flame-Retardant Plastics

    More and more applications require the use of plastics that meet defined fire safety requirements. This presupposes that the reaction to...   more

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  • Focus on the Automotive Industry
    Kunststoffe international 2017/10, PAGE 89

    Focus on the Automotive Industry

    Tips and Hints on the Campus Material Database

    The Campus material database has been a source of comparative material data for industry decision-makers for over 25 years. The...   more

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  • Preview
    Kunststoffe international 2017/10, PAGE 90


    Topics of the Next Issue:


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