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  • It’s Not Enough to Tighten Your Belt
    Kunststoffe international 2019/08, PAGE 3

    It’s Not Enough to Tighten Your Belt


    The golden years are behind us: last year, plastics production declined by 3.1 %. For the current year, the VDMA is now reckoning with a...   more

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  • Contents
    Kunststoffe international 2019/08, PAGE 4



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  • No Circles without Compromises
    Kunststoffe international 2019/08, PAGE 6 - 7

    No Circles without Compromises

    Pragmatism Predominates When It Comes to Business and Technical Solutions

    Several events are traditionally held over the summer to give the trade press a foretaste of the issues that will have shaped the industry...   more

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  • Forward Together!
    Kunststoffe international 2019/08, PAGE 8 - 9

    Forward Together!

    BASF and Its Customers Commit to Chemical Recycling

    One of the last major German chemical giants, BASF is fighting back against the weak economy with an extensive efficiency program. Its...   more

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  • Variety Enables Stability
    Kunststoffe international 2019/08, PAGE 10 - 11

    Variety Enables Stability

    Lanxess Is Investing in Specialty Chemicals and Expanding its Development Portfolio

    Following its early sale of the last shares in the rubber joint venture Arlanxeo and the takeover of the US chemical company Chemtura,...   more

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  • About Drivers and the Driven
    Kunststoffe international 2019/08, PAGE 12 - 16

    About Drivers and the Driven

    Raw Materials Producers See Signs of the Times, and Implement them in Different Ways

    Whether it was the motto presented by the trade fair’s committee or threatened prohibition proceedings: material producers are getting more...   more

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  • Inline Layer for the Circular Economy Commitment
    Kunststoffe international 2019/08, PAGE 18 - 19

    Inline Layer for the Circular Economy Commitment

    Systems for Packaging Films Made from Monomaterials and Recyclable Coating

    The leading minds of the Brückner Group must have been saddened by the sparse media presence at their trade press event, held at their...   more

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  • A Second Life for Plastics
    Kunststoffe international 2019/08, PAGE 20 - 21

    A Second Life for Plastics

    Engel Supports Strong Involvement by the Plastics Industry in a Circular Economy

    The Circular Economy is not only the theme topic at the K 2019. It is also the “green” thread running through the fair exhibit by Engel,...   more

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  • Green Wave
    Kunststoffe international 2019/08, PAGE 22 - 23

    Green Wave

    Arburg Is Pursuing a Closed Value Chain for Plastics

    Since 2007, one major construction project has followed another at Arburg in Lossburg, Germany: customer center, assembly hall, tradeshow...   more

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  • Immediately Ready for Use
    Kunststoffe international 2019/08, PAGE 24 - 25

    Immediately Ready for Use

    Wittmann Continues to See Itself Well Placed as a One-Stop Supplier

    With its Industry 4.0 solution portfolio, the Wittmann Group is receiving a positive echo in the market. This virtually extends the...   more

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  • Moving with the Times
    Kunststoffe international 2019/08, PAGE 26 - 27

    Moving with the Times

    KraussMaffei Consolidates Three Divisions and the Previous Group Brands under a Single Brand

    Munich-based mechanical engineering group KraussMaffei is repositioning itself and uniting all divisions under a single brand. At a time of...   more

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  • Plans for Further Expansion
    Kunststoffe international 2019/08, PAGE 28 - 29

    Plans for Further Expansion

    Haitian’s Success Story Continues with Big Plans

    Haitian International, the Chinese manufacturer of injection molding machines, is consolidating its growth of the last ten years while its...   more

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  • Trend Setting or Following?
    Kunststoffe international 2019/08, PAGE 30 - 37

    Trend Setting or Following?

    A Journey through the Landscape of the Tool and Mold Making Industry

    Tool and mold makers are detail oriented and innovative, but communication of their expertise is not exactly their greatest strength....   more

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  • Long Fiber-Reinforcement for Automobiles
    Kunststoffe international 2019/08, PAGE 38 - 40

    Long Fiber-Reinforcement for Automobiles

    Thermoplastics Converter in China Relies on LFT Technology from Germany

    A Chinese supplier provides a number of international auto makers with high-quality long fiber-reinforced thermoplastics in pellet form. A...   more

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  • Agglomerate-Free Compounding
    Kunststoffe international 2019/08, PAGE 41 - 43

    Agglomerate-Free Compounding

    Comparison of Two Techniques to Produce Thermoplastic-Nanoparticle-Composites

    Often pure plastic materials are not able to fulfill the increasing demands of plastic component. It is therefore necessary to adapt the...   more

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  • Complex 3D Parts
    Kunststoffe international 2019/08, PAGE 44 - 46

    Complex 3D Parts

    Plastic Pipes and Tubes from the Multifunctional Blow Molding Machine

    As customers become more choosy and the times more uncertain, flexibility is trumps in production. In blow molding, such freedom is created...   more

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  • Toward Thermoformed Metal-Plastic Hybrids
    Kunststoffe international 2019/08, PAGE 47 - 50

    Toward Thermoformed Metal-Plastic Hybrids

    Special Processes Open up New Fields of Application through Functional Integration

    The hybrid thermoforming of filled plastics expands the range of functions of thermoformed parts, and opens up new fields of application...   more

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  • Progressive Metal Replacement
    Kunststoffe international 2019/08, PAGE 52 - 53

    Progressive Metal Replacement

    Two New Polyamide Grades Will Make Engineering Components More Cost-Effective

    With wide-ranging and specific property modifications, plastics can take more and more applications away from classic metal components....   more

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  • Volvo Shows the Way
    Kunststoffe international 2019/08, PAGE 54 - 56

    Volvo Shows the Way

    With Ambitious Goals and Prototypes, the Swedish Auto Manufacturer Aims to Increase the Content of Recycled Material in Vehicles

    From 2025, every new vehicle from Volvo will contain 25 wt. % of recycled plastics. In this way, the car manufacturer aims to take not only...   more

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  • Preview
    Kunststoffe international 2019/08, PAGE 58


    Topics of the Next Issue:


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1 to 20 from 4,780 Articles

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show 10  | 20 | 50
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