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Kunststoffe international 2018/06-07

Process Set-Up through Machine Learning

Purposefully Selected Injection Molding Parameters from Simulations and Practical Experiments

Process Set-Up through  Machine Learning

Machine learning methods have great potential in production – however, so far only a few concrete application examples exist. For the process set-up in injection molding, machine learning enables objective and specifically optimized parameter settings. Neural networks and a combination of simulations and practical experiments help to find suitable models for the parameter optimization as quickly as possible and independently of the experience of the operator.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Hopmann; Dr.-Ing. Matthias Theunissen; Jens Wipperfürth, M.Sc.,; Julian Heinisch, M.Sc.,

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Company profile

Institut für Kunststoffverarbeitung IKV in Industrie und Handwerk an der RWTH Aachen

Seffenter Weg 201
DE 52074 Aachen
Tel.: 0241 80-93806
Fax: 0241 80-92262

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