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Kunststoffe international 2018/09

Plastics for the Mobility of Tomorrow

New Polymers, Efficient Processes, and Advanced Parts for the Automotive Industry

Plastics for the Mobility of Tomorrow

Digitalization, electromobility, energy and resource efficiency are making their mark on future vehicles. These trends were also reflected at this year’s PIAE, the branch’s get-together in Germany. Plastics are an important key to mastering ecological and economic challenges in the coming years.

Bernhard Klein

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1 Kube, C, Covestro AG; Helmke, P., Volkswagen AG: "Neue Produkt- und Anwendungsentwicklungen aus Polyurethan für den Automobilen Innenraum", lecture, PIAE, Mannheim 2018

2 van den Berg, M.; Siebgens, U.; Klein, B.: "In-Mold-Coating im Trend: Oberflächenveredlung im Cockpit", Kunststoffe (2007) 11, p. 112

3 Muenzers, P. ,Polyscope BV: "Bridging the gap between amorphous and crystalline materials", lecture, PIAE, Mannheim 2018

4, 7/17/2018

5 Polyscope BV,Geelen, NL, "XIBOND Blend Optimizers", 10/4/2017 Brochure

6, 7.17.2018

7 Wenz, E.; Zöllner, O.: "Das autonome und elektrifizierte Fahrzeug von morgen: neue Anforderungen für funktionale Kunststoffe", lecture, PIAE, Mannheim 2018

8 Handorfer, C.; "High-quality visible Parts in a single Step", Engel Austria GmbH, Schwertberg/Österreich, Kunststoffe international (2018) 3, p. 39

9 Evonik info stand at the PIAE congress, Mannheim 2018

10, 7/18/2018

11 Unpublished investigation by Daimler AG of Sindelfingen in cooperation with Evonik Industries AG of Darmstadt

12 Schmidt, A.; Schröbel, S., Evonik Performance Materials GmbH: "Bright Future", Kunststoffe international (2018) 3, p. 25

13 Hybridfügen von Metallen mit Faserverbundkunststoffverbunden (FVK) durch Induktion und Haftvermittler, flyer from Kömmerling Chemische Fabrik GmbH of Pirmasens

Company profile

Covestro Deutschland AG

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Allee 60
DE 51373 Leverkusen
Tel.: 0214 60092000

Rehau AG + Co Rheniumhaus

Otto-Hahn-Str. 2
DE 95111 Rehau
Tel.: 09283 77-7756
Fax: 09283 77-1094

Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe GmbH

DE 67663 Kaiserslautern
Tel.: 0631 2017-0
Fax: 0631 2017-199

Rühl Puromer GmbH

Hugenottenstraße 105
DE 61381 Friedrichsdorf
Tel.: 06172 733-0
Fax: 06172 733141

profine GmbH Kömmerling Kunststoffe

Zweibrücker Straße 200
DE 66954 Pirmasens
Tel.: 06331 56-0
Fax: 06331 562774

Wipag Süd GmbH & Co. KG

Nördliche Grünauer Str. 31
DE 86633 Neuburg
Tel.: 08431 4336-0
Fax: 08431 4336-22

Evonik Industries AG

Rellinghauser Str. 1-11
DE 45128 Essen
Tel.: 0201 177-01
Fax: 0201 177-3475

Polyscope Polymers B.V.

Prins de Lignestraat 28

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International Polymer Processing

International Polymer Processing, the journal of the Polymer Processing Society, is a discussion forum for the world-wide community of engineers and scientists in the field of polymer processing.

The journal covers research and industrial application in the very specific areas of designing polymer products, processes, processing machinery and equipment.

International Polymer Processing

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