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Kunststoffe international 2019/03

Plastics in Fuel Cells

Electromobility Arguments in Favor of a Future with Hydrogen

Plastics in Fuel Cells

Electromobility, whether based on batteries or hydrogen fuel cells, permits zero-emission driving and the integration of the transport sector into an overall concept with a high share of renewable energy. Fuel cell technology will play a key role here, not only because of its long-range capability. However, the deciding factor will be the use of high-quality, but also cost-effective, materials and production processes to offer reliable, affordable products. This will place demands on plastics technology, in particular.

Dr.-Ing. Peter Beckhaus; Prof. Dr. Angelika Heinzel; Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Misz; Dr.-Ing. Jörg Karstedt

These articles might be interesting for you

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