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Schlicht Handelsgesellschaft mbH

Grootkoppel 16
DE 23858 Reinfeld
Tel.: 04533 6063-362
Fax: 04533 6063-301
E-mail: info <AT>

Your Partner for Plastics Industry Supplies

Schlicht Handelsgesellschaft is a provider and distributor of consumables and supplies as well as cleaning and surface technology for the plastics industry. The company supports its customers throughout Europe with all challenges related to the operation, cleaning, maintenance and care of injection molding and extrusion machinery and provides innovative solutions for almost every molding application and any thermoplastic, thermoset or elastomer material.

With its focus on the quality of products and services, Schlicht’s mission is to be a highly reliable and accurate supplier with short term delivery periods and exceptional customer satisfaction. The company’s quality management is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, and provides for a tailor-made technical support for every individual requirement. With its experienced team and an international network of experts, service providers as well as sales and product partnerships, Schlicht ensures high service quality and perfectly matched solutions.

Internationally leading solutions

Schlicht maintains close relations and partnerships with a variety of internationally leading suppliers such as RapidPurge, Bio-Circle and Stoner Molding Solutions. Its product range comprises of consumables and supplies to clean and maintain machinery, equipment, tools and molds as well as surface and cleaning technology and devices for molded products and parts. The company operates an exclusive Online Shop that has become the first stop for registered customers to identify, filter, compare and order only those products, that meet their own requirements.

Product Portfolio

Purging Compounds

  • chemical or mechanical cleaning
  • rapid color and material changeovers
  • removes residues, pollution and build-up from screws, barrels, dies, nozzles, pumps or hot runners
  • premixed or concetrate grades
  • optimized for temperatures up to ca. 400°C
  • FDA-approved grades available

Mold Release Agents

  • Silicone and silicone-free release agents for all molding applications
  • Thermoplastics, Thermosets, Elastomere, Polyurethane
  • Supports and improves part release and part quality
  • Supports rapid prototyping or challenging parts
  • User-friendly aerosol technology
  • Optimized for most mold and tool temperatures
  • FDA-approved grades available

Mold and Machine Maintenance

  • Mold and tool cleaner, corrosion and rust preventives
  • Surface and specialty cleaners
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Lubricants

Cleaning Systems

  • Sustainable and environmentally-friendly cleaning technology
  • Bio-degradable cleaners
  • Manual and fully automated parts washing devices
  • NSF-registred grades available

Schlicht Handelsgesellschaft also provides innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for dry ice cleaning and surface technology. The company supports device rental, product sampling and pre-testing to ensure the best possible solution for customers' individual challenges.

More information about Schlicht Handelsgesellschaft is also available on

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