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Polytrade Global GmbH

Borsigallee 12
DE 60388 Frankfurt
Tel.: 69 94207233
Fax: 69 410360
E-mail: management <AT>

Source: Polytrade Global GmbH

Polytrade Global GmbH is a worldwide marketing and logistic service provider with a traditional technological background specialized in polymers, additives, catalysts and polyester chemicals combined with consultancy and financing functions.
For 25 years our core-business are POLYMERS .and the focused relations to our PET polymer producers with the unique U1 Fast Reheat additive in energy optimized PET bottle manufacturing.

PERFORMANCE ADDITIVES is focused on plastics additives for plastic processing pursuing the PVC market.
The exclusive cooperation with R&P POLYPLASTIC Compounds and BARS-2 masterbatches lays the foundation in our international trade operations looking after the markets in German speaking European countries.

Further information is available on .


Source: Polytrade Global GmbH

compounds <AT>

R&P Polyplastic specializes in the production of thermoplastic compound materials for processing by injection, blow and extrusion molding.
Since 1991 R&P Polyplastic Compounding is ranked No 1 nationally and within Top-10 in Europe with their more than 250 formulations of technical compounds.

R&P Polyplastic has continuously expanded production capacity to have reached annual 115.000 MT in its 3 production sites with more than 18 lines operated by a team of over 500 employees.

Source: Polytrade Global GmbH

Armamid® and Armlen® are successfully used in the German market. Industries served include Automotive, Household appliances, Technical & Tooling, Furniture as well as the Electro&Electronics. New developments in E&E, household and technical injection molding are presented in ready-to-use compounds.

On its 3 development lines in Moscow, R&P Polyplastic presented recently:
• New formulations in the field of polypropylene containing long-fibers made of glass ARMALONG® LGF50
• Polyamide compounds containing graphene nanotubes to achieve electro conductive properties, suitable for electro-static coating
• new glass-fiber compounds with V2 and V0 flammability properties

Source: Polytrade Global GmbH

WE GIVE SUBSTANCE TO YOUR IDEAS’ R&P Polyplastic Compounds is part of the Polyplastic Group, pursuing high-quality material developments to meet the challenging trends of the global thermoplastic market in diversifying production and maintaining industry leadership.


masterbatches <AT>

Source: Polytrade Global GmbH

Scientific & Production Company BARS-2 with its BASCO(TM) is a leader in masterbatch production for coloring and modification of polymers. The company has been successful since 1992 from its head office in Saint-Petersburg and is operating 3 production plants in Russia.
COLOUR, White and Black:

Source: Polytrade Global GmbH

PREMIUM, STANDARD and ECONOMY in WHITE and BLACK meet the customer demands.
• PREMIUM with selected high quality raw materials meet high technical requirements
• STANDARD is a choice in plastic films, pipes, profiles, sheets and technical parts
• ECONOMY offers the cost benefit and a reasonable technical property

The quality of masterbatches is often measured with the extrusion pressure filter test. BARS-2 offers high quality, that is appreciated in film and fiber industry.

Possible food contact or technical use is visible in BARS-2 product coding, as well as the choice of carrier resin.
Color – masterbatches.

BASCO offers to color matching according to customer requirement in the desired carrier plastic. PE, PP, PVC and PS are key materials of product development in color masterbatches, along with customized developments.
Liquid colors are a specialty for PET used in stretch blow molding of bottles. Specialized color matching for Polycarbonate (PC) are also available.

The BASCO® ADDITIVE -masterbatch product range includes:
• Light, heat and UV protection masterbatch
• Anti-SLIP, Anti-BLOCK, Anti-FOG, Anti-STATICS


Polyethyleneterephthalate has enabled the PET bottle to revolutionize the consumer drinking behavior. The special stretch blow molding production process starts with injection molded parisons or pre-forms to manufacture bottles in the Reheat and Blow process. Polytrade U1 Fast Reheat reduces the energy needed to heat the pre-forms to the necessary processing temperature in the RBM machinery. U1 is typically added in the PET polycondensation synthsis.
Modern catalysts for PET are : ECOCAT (antimony free catalyst) that Polytrade can offer.

Further information .


Performance Additive offers numerous additives for plastics. Our Asian suppliers provide a full range portfolio for our customers. The local Polytrade agents are in direct contact with our carefully selected suppliers and partners.
PVC processing and impact modifiers are the ongoing highlights
Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) and acrylic modifiers and processing aids are on stock and available

Further information.


Chemical blowing agents are often used in foamed plastics.endothermic blowing agents e.g. azodicarbonamide and OBSH are used in rubber and thermoplastics. Polytrade operates a warehouse in Europe and can respond spontaneous to customer demand.

Further information.

Bio Plaste

The plastics industry is looking for BIO Plastics originating from renewable resources or offering a bio-degradation profile. POLYTRADE is sourcing these materials and offering these to interested parties.
Currently we have a plastic/starch blend from our cooperation with Indochine Bio Plastiques ( ) for cold runner injection molding processing.

Further infomation. .

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