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Mold Dehumidification with DMS Series

Higher Product Quality, Shorter Cycle Times

Blue Air Systems GmbH, Kundl, Austria, has complemented its basic range of MSP-Dehumidification units (with process air volumes between 1,000 and 10,000 Nm³/h) with the new DMS series (Dry Mould System), a dehumidifier which works without the need for chilled water.

The compact DMS series can easily be integrated into a manufacturing cell due to the marginal foot print it leaves behind, physically as well as ecologically (© Blue Air Systems)

The compact DMS series can easily be integrated into a manufacturing cell due to the marginal foot print it leaves behind, physically as well as ecologically (© Blue Air Systems)

The mold dehumidification units MSP are used mainly for supplying dry air to a central dehumidification system. The DMS series are specialized to be used for single production machines (up to 3 units). An enclosed production area is supplied with dry air with a dew point of 4°C (39,2°F). The DMS units provide year-round, condensation-free production conditions, independent of ambient conditions, without the need for chilled water needed for pre-cooling. This energy-efficient technology guarantees the users of injection, blow molding or thermoforming machines to run the shortest possible cycle times, therefore guaranteeing higher production output.

The DMS unit dries air on the basis of the condensation principle. The main difference to the standard systems is that the DMS is not constantly dehumidifying hot and humid ambient air. Instead, dry process air is circulated around the mold in a closed loop, bringing the air back to the DMS unit. By doing this, there is no necessity of using high cooling loads to dehumidify air, as the air returning to the DMS unit is partially dried. This procedure allows the DMS to work without a pre-cooler (chiller) and therefore no chilled water is needed for the DMS dehumidification. A state-of-the-art refrigerant compressor of the newest technology automatically reduces the needed cooling capacity, as soon as reduction of moisture in the air is detected. Therefore, the DMS only uses electricity for the actual cooling need of the refrigerant system.

The DMS is a tailor-made system, allowing the manufacturer to choose to supply dry process air volumes from units ranging 500 to 3.500 Nm³/h. A DMS 15 supplies a nominal process airflow of 1,500 Nm³/h. The larger DMS 25 dehumidifies 2,500 Nm³/h and the DMS 25+ up to 3,500 Nm³/h. The DMS units are designed for all applications where sophisticated, high-performance molds are cooled with chilled water and which are located in areas where moisture in the air can condensate on the mold. So, generally speaking, all injection molding, extrusion blow molding and thermo forming systems. Core areas in the plastics industry are packaging systems such as caps and PET performs, as short cycle times of the process and high production outputs require chilled water.

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