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Maplan Expert Forum Attracted over 330 Visitors

On 4th and 5th of June, Maplan GmbH, Ternitz, Austria, hosted its "Days of Technology", an expert forum for rubber and TPE that attracted more than 330 visitors. According to the event organizers, visitors came from 24 countries. Also in attendance were 24 partners from the elastomer industry. The visitors were shown presentations of the current trends and the most recent technology.

Wolfgang Meyer, CEO of Maplan  (figure: Maplan)

Wolfgang Meyer, CEO of Maplan (figure: Maplan)

Speeches by experts, demonstrations of installations on the production site as well as information stands from partner enterprises gave an opportunity for networking and information exchange among experts. In the machine hall and on the production plant various models of vertical and horizontal machines with closing forces from 500 to 6,500 kN were presented. Wolfgang Meyer (CEO of Maplan) commented “the completion of our product range, finishing and improvement of our products offers various possibilities for our customers to optimize the feasibility of their tasks. In that context Maplan offers a toolbox proposing modules for both standard machines and machines for specialized applications.“ According to Mr. Meyer the in-house trade fair coincided with a highly dynamic market phase: "Several new projects show that there is a need for catching up on the level of investments on one hand and on the level of the attractiveness of our offer on the other hand.“

The visitors to Maplan's Days of Technology were shown presentations of the current trends and the most recent technology  (figure: Maplan)

The visitors to Maplan's Days of Technology were shown presentations of the current trends and the most recent technology (figure: Maplan)

The visitors got to see a new range of horizontal machines of the sizes 100, 200, 300, 400 and 650 tons involving machines from a simple version up to fully automated machines with final control modules as production cells. The automation demonstrated involved current projects from customers. Examples from 2K technology, variothermic approaches and the processing of solid silicone demonstrated the possibilities of technical implementation for special applications. The products shown gave the visitors an insight to the possibilities of increasing productivity. Temperature control technology for saving energy, process optimisation and the implementable level of quality control with high productivity and little waste.

A total of 24 partners from the elastomer industry were involved in the open days with the help of speeches and information stands. The scope of industrial partners included specialists in the field of elastomer tools, process-optimization, quality-control systems and test instruments as well as specialists in the fields of coating, automation, rubber mixtures and raw materials. The issues related to the interaction of materials, processing technologies and material mixtures again gave rise to exchange of experiences among the experts.

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